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7 Best Snowboard Brands for Beginners

Posted by Matt Gahman on Wednesday, January 3, 2024

As you pickup snowboarding, you're faced with so many choices — from where to train to the best instructor, proper gear, and most importantly, the right snowboard. Choosing the right snowboard smooths the learning curve and helps you advance faster. But aren't all snowboards created the same? Nope! There are many different types of snowboards suitable for different riding styles, skill sets, ages and genders.

To find the best snowboard brands for beginners, you must consider your needs to find the options that accommodate your improving skills. To make choosing easier for you, we've compiled this guide to snowboarding that shares why you need a beginner-friendly snowboard, the key features to look out for and the top beginner snowboard brands.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Snowboard Brand as a Beginner

Choosing the best type of snowboard for beginners determines how fast you learn the skill and how much you enjoy the experience from the start. Beginner-friendly snowboards are easy to control and forgiving as you learn, which helps you build confidence and gets you excited to get back on the board all the time.

To get the most use from your snowboard, get an option that's high-quality and durable so that you can use it in many seasons. Steer clear of snowboards marketed as “you'll grow into them” because these may frustrate you as you adjust and hinder your progression.

Key Features of Beginner-Friendly Snowboards

You must consider several features before narrowing down your choice when shopping for your first snowboard:

  • Flex: Flex ratings refer to the softness of a board and typically range from 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest and 1 as the lowest. Soft and medium flex (1-5) ratings are suitable for beginners because they're flexible yet stable enough. This makes it easy for you to maneuver, respond to different movements and maintain balance and control, especially at slower speeds.
  • Shape: Twin or directional snowboard shapes are the best for beginners as they allow you to ride either backward or forward. They are also ideal because they have a longer nose than the tail, which allows turn initiation for all-mountain, snow park and pipe riders.
  • Type: All-mountain snowboards are the best snowboard type for beginners because you can use them on all kinds of terrains, snow conditions and mountain parts.
  • Length: The right snowboard length takes your height and weight into consideration. Getting a board that's too long makes it harder to maneuver and turn, while a snowboard that's too short is unstable and may cause you to fall.
  • Width: The right snowboard width fits your boots across the waist with a slight overhang over the edges. This allows ample room for turning. Too much of the overhang may make you lose control of the board, while too little makes it harder for you to turn maneuver.

Best Beginner Snowboard Brands

There are many snowboard manufacturers in the market. However, only a few meet the criteria of producing the highest quality snowboards that ensure you enjoy snowboarding from the get-go. Here are some good snowboard brands for beginners:

1. Burton Snowboards

Burton is a snowboarding industry leader with over 40 years of experience producing superior snowboarding equipment and gear. They produce a variety of innovative, beginner-friendly snowboards using unmatched materials and are tested under the most demanding conditions. Burton has numerous snowboards that fit the bill for beginners, featuring forgiving flat profiles, playful flex ratings and directional twin shapes. Burton snowboards are available for four types of terrain and are customized for men, women and kids.

2. The Rossignol Snowboards

Rossignol is a snowboarding brand that's been providing hobbyists, enthusiasts and professional athletes with top-notch snowboarding products since 1907. They have a wide selection of snowboards, some specially designed to deliver comfort, ease and affordability. Rossignol's lower-profile snowboards are soft and playful, making them ideal for beginner and intermediate snowboarders. They're also durable enough to last several seasons and accommodate your progression.

3. K2 Snowboarding

K2 snowboarding brand for beginners

K2 Snowboarding is a trendsetting brand in the industry that's been in operation since the 1960s. They produce a wide variety of beginner-friendly snowboards for men, women and kids. Their snowboards feature a lightweight design that's easy to maneuver and offers a comfortable and forgiving ride. K2 snowboards also have soft flex ratings, which make them ideal for freestyling and switch riding.

4. Ride Snowboarding

Ride Snowboarding is a mainstream brand that designs unique snowboards customized for beginners. Their snowboards have refined side-cuts, profiles and flex ratings to ensure ultimate smoothness as you ride. Ride Snowboards has a range of all-mountain snowboards for beginners training on any kind of terrain or snow conditions and are soft enough to be forgiving.

5. Salomon Snowboards

Salomon snowboards are among the best snowboards for beginners thanks to their light profile, featherlike feel and stability. These features make it easy for learners to enjoy navigating the learning curve. Salomon men's and women's snowboards for beginners have a flat profile and a directional shape to ensure comfortable and stable rides.

6. Rome Snowboards

Rome is an innovative snowboard brand that produces beginner-friendly snowboards adapted to the latest technology. As a beginner, you get to choose from their range of unique designs with soft flex ratings and twin or directional shapes to ensure you explore any mountain terrain with ease. Rome snowboards are built tough, are easy to maintain and boast excellent performance, making it easy for you to progress into the intermediate stage on the same board.

7. Roxy

Roxy is an outstanding brand focused on helping women and girls live their best lives. They have a selection of wide profile, freestyle snowboards that make snowboarding fun for women and girls just getting into the groove of snowboarding. Roxy snowboards feature appealing colors and designs and are built to improve progression and stability.

beginner snowboarding steps

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