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Kids Snowboard Bindings

When you hit the mountain and hillsides with the family, you want to ensure everyone is safely bundled up and secure in their gear. Buckman's is passionate about skiing, snowboarding and people who enjoy spending their time on the slopes. That's why we fill our shops with gear from reputable companies. We call ourselves the cold experts because we know the right equipment to keep you safe and performing at your best during winter outings.

If you're looking for quality gear for your kids during their snowboarding adventures, look into our youth snowboarding bindings.

Finding the Right Youth Snowboard Bindings

When your child is learning to snowboard, you want their feet securely set in place. To ensure you get the best fit for your child, learn more about essential factors that go into choosing the best-suited bindings. The better aligned the bindings are with the board and your child's riding style, the better their experience on the hills will be.

Riding Style

Several types of bindings can accommodate the kinds of activity your child will be doing with their snowboard. Specific bindings keep your child's feet in place and help them perform tricks, navigate slopes and maintain full control over their board.

While several styles exist, Buckman's offers many types of all-mountain bindings — like Burton bindings — which are great for young snowboarders of all skill levels. The right flex allows children to cruise down mountainsides or try new tricks in the snowboard park.


The flex refers to how soft or stiff the binding is for your feet. Depending on the rating, your child will have more or less freedom to work with on the slopes. Our bindings come in the following ratings:

  • Soft: Experienced freestyle riders do best with a soft flex because it allows them to experience a softer landing and provides room for mistakes.
  • Soft/Medium: This selection is the best choice for a beginning snowboarder because it has some structure while also being forgiving to accidents and errors.
  • Medium: This flex type is a happy compromise for riders at any skill level. These bindings are perfect for your child if they enjoy a little cruising as well as performing tricks.


Some bindings come with a canted footbed. This means the bottom of the binding is angled better to accommodate the natural angle of your child's feet. Canted footbeds are especially helpful if your child's feet are spread wide on the snowboard. The extra lift can give them more leg control and keep them comfortable throughout their riding.

Shop at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops for Kids Snowboard Bindings

Buckman's dedicates itself to offering a collection of high-quality gear your family can rely on to have a great time together. If you're searching for kids snowboard bindings for sale, trust us to recommend highly rated and dependable equipment. Our customer service team is happy to help you choose what will best suit your child, whether you're shopping online or in-store.

Start shopping today and contact an online representative or in-store employee for guidance!