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If you want to buy a snowboard, trust Buckman's to guide you in the right direction. Our team is passionate and knowledgeable on all things snowboarding. With our offerings in various designs and construction, we are confident you'll choose a dependable board that suits your personality.

Let us assist you if you aren't sure what you want — whether you're shopping online or in a store. We have a highly awarded customer service team ready to help you conquer your shopping experience.

A Short Guide to Choosing a Women's All-Mountain Snowboard

You should keep a few necessary details in mind when searching for a new board. Once you've considered these factors, you should feel confident choosing a snowboard.

Board Type

Buckman's offers two all-mountain snowboards:

  • All-mountain
  • All-mountain freestyle

All-mountain boards are for riding through the snow and catching some air. They are perfect for beginners who want to advance. Women's all-mountain freestyle boards are suitable for doing tricks at the snowboard park and on hills due to their soft flex — meaning the board is easier to control. Any level of snowboarder can use this style of board.

Shape and Flex

Your board's shape should match your experience on the slopes. Available shapes include:

  • Twin: The board's nose and tail are identical in shape, making it easy to ride switch or backward.
  • Directional: The snowboard's nose is long, and there is a change in stiffness. The tail is stiffer than the nose, giving you a stronger feeling of balance.
  • True twin: A true twin has an identically shaped tip and tail and a consistent form throughout the board.

The flex demonstrates the rate of the board's flexibility. Your snowboard's flex determines the riding experience — most women's all-mountain snowboards land between a soft and mid-firm rating.

With a soft board, you can move smoothly at slower speeds and perform better jibs. A mid-firm board is extremely versatile, making it easy to manage your stability and spin easily.


The profile is the board's curvature when you place it on the ground. Buckman's offers three profiles — camber, rocker and hybrid:

  1. Camber profile: The board curves up at the ends and in the center. These details mean the board's tip, tail and center do not touch the ground. This profile benefits you by providing more stability while letting you reach faster speeds.
  2. Rocker profile: The board has a curved tip and tail, but the board's center lays flat against the ground. This snowboard is more forgiving and allows you to be playful on the slopes and at the snowboard park.
  3. Hybrid: The board's tip, tail and center touch the ground. However, the areas before the tip and tail curve upward, creating two gaps where the feet go. This design is excellent for backcountry touring and offers reliable traction for your ascent.

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You can learn more about snowboard shapes and profiles with Buckman's customer service. We can also help you pick a board that works with your height and weight. At Buckman's, we are passionate about skiing, snowboarding and the people who love these sports. Shop for your new snowboard today, and reach out to us with any questions!