Best gifts for snowboarders and skiers Best gifts for snowboarders and skiers

Best Gifts for Snowboarders and Skiers

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Thursday, November 16, 2023

We've scoured the perfect gear, apparel and snowboarding accessory gifts to develop this gift-buying guide! Keep reading to see what snowboarders and skiers genuinely want.

Best Snowboarder Gear to Gift

Sure, you can rent gear — but what if your gift recipient dreams of getting into skiing and snowboarding or desperately needs new and better gear? Gifting them with premium-quality equipment is a sure way to put a smile on their face.


Knowing their style is essential to pick the right snowboard for the job. The different types of snowboards are:

  • All mountain snowboard: Choose from a range of all-mountain snowboards that perform well in various terrains and styles, from the snow park to the backcountry. They are an excellent choice for beginners and experienced snowboarders who enjoy a little of everything.
  • Backcountry snowboard: Your friend or family member might be a powder or free-ride snowboarder, or they may enjoy the physical endurance of skinning with splitboards in the backcountry. When they head away from the resort into ungroomed terrain, they'll want a durable backcountry snowboard designed for the thrill-seeking adventurer.
  • Freestyle snowboard: For those who live for the terrain park and love perfecting their grabs, butter tricks, spins, flips, corks and more, you'll want to purchase a freestyle snowboard. These boards have specific design elements such as a softer flex, typically a true twin shape and a centered stance.


When buying boots, you need to know their boot size and the type of snowboarding they do, such as all mountain or freestyle. Go with one of the following options:

  • Best brand overall: What makes Burton snowboarding boots one of the best presents for snowboarders is their high-quality construction, durability and exceptional comfort. Burton has been a leading brand for many years and is trusted by snowboarders for their reliability and versatile flex options. Popular choices include the Burton Ion and Burton Photon range.
  • Best value under $300: You can't go wrong with stylish and dependable Vans that cope with all riding styles, including all-mountain and enthusiastic snow park goers. They are the perfect affordable option that doesn't sacrifice performance and provides exceptional comfort and style. They offer mid to softer flex, making them appropriate for those who want to do a bit of everything at the ski resort.


Every snowboarder and skier needs a solid pair of stylish, convenient and reliable goggles to protect their eyes from the snow, glare and cold weather. When choosing the right goggles, select the best overall: the Oakley Prizm Flight Deck Goggles.

These versatile, highly comfortable, easy-to-use goggles offer a sleek fighter pilot aesthetic and sturdy build. Moreover, their rimless design, large frame size and spherical lens shape offer excellent peripheral vision, which is vital for various snowboarding styles.

The goggles come in a range of colors, and wearers can change out the lens as needed. The Oakley Prizm Flight Deck Goggles are compatible with a range of helmets and prescription eyewear, making them suitable for people who wear glasses. The Flight Deck goggles also have an F3 anti-fog coating to fend off fog and moisture buildup for long-lasting vision clarity.

Best Snow Apparel to Gift

Proper apparel suited to the snow is essential for keeping warm, snug, dry and adequately ventilated.

Base Layers

If your friend or family member is currently layering with regular T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and nonthermal bottoms, investing in proper men's base layers and appropriate women's base layers is a fantastic gift idea.

Mid Layers

Once the base layer is covered, you can turn your attention to the specialized men's mid layer and optimal women's mid layer. These pieces are crucial for trapping body heat.

Warm Jackets

These men's outerwear snowboarding jackets and women's snowboarding shell jackets are breathable yet block out the elements and allow the bottom layers to perform at their best.


Hats are a multipurpose fashion accessory that keeps snowboarders' and skiers' heads warm in the icy snow. Winter hats come in various colors and styles, and you are bound to find a hat or beanie for men or ideal headwear for women that they will appreciate.

Heated Socks

These magical yet simplistic accessories are game-changers for those who love to venture outdoors in freezing temperatures. Getting heated socks as a gift doesn't just keep a skier or snowboarder's feet warm, they also help protect them from the threat of frostbite and hypothermia.

Ski Pants

Ski pants are highly breathable and offer waterproof protection to keep skiers and snowboarders dry and comfortable. Casual resort goers will also benefit from ski pants made for men and ski pants designed for women, which come in different styles such as insulated, shell and stretch.

10 Best Snowboarding Gifts Under $50

Even though gear can be expensive, you don't need to fork out a ton for the perfect snowboarding or skiing gift.

1. Boot Dryer

Every skier and snowboarder knows the importance of keeping their boots clean and dry, especially on a ski trip where they use their boots daily. However, they are likely tired out after the day on the mountain, and trying to find a way to dry their boots thoroughly is tricky. That is why an affordable boot dryer and pre-warmer is a fantastic gift.

2. Hand and Body Warmers

Providing convenient hand and body warmers is a thoughtful snowboarding gift idea with practical uses. All the recipient needs to do is keep a pack of these warmers handy. When the time comes to warm up, they remove these air-activated warmers from the package and can enjoy toasty fingers and toes in minutes.

3. Stomp Pads

A snowboarder is not always strapped into their backfoot snowboard binding, like when they need to scoot along flat sections of snow. Retaining a grip with the free back foot is challenging because the snowboard is often slippery. That makes rubbery stomp pads ideal, as they stick to the board and offer traction.

4. Bota Bag

Snowboarders need something to safely carry fluids in while they race down the mountain or trek in the backcountry, and a convenient hands-free bota bag is the answer. With its handy shoulder strap, this rugged leather bag makes hydrating quick and easy.

5. 360° Time-Lapse Device

Picture-perfect landscapes and photo-worthy moments surround skiers and snowboarders, and there is a big chance they already own a GoPro to capture the action and document the views. However, getting them a rotating GoPole Scenelapse allows them to take 360-degree time-lapses for panorama photos and videos.

6. Anti-Fog Spray for Goggles

When doing multiple runs daily, many snowboarders struggle with the endless battle to keep their goggles lenses clear. Your gift of anti-fog spray for their goggles is just the thing they need.

7. Helmet Hood

If you have a child in mind who adores the sport but often mentions that their nose turns red and their neck gets cold, they need a micro fleece helmet hood. The fleece is similar to a ski mask but is all-encompassing and fits over the helmet to ensure maximum heat retention.

8. GoPole Lenspen

Nothing is worse than capturing an epic snowboarding action shot only to discover blemishes on the lens. That's why your gift recipient needs a versatile GoPole Lenspen designed to clean GoPro lenses effectively without scratching.

9. Helmet Audio System

Sometimes, snowboarders and skiers enjoy tunes or even an eBook on the slopes. However, standard earbuds might not handle low temperatures or be sweat-resistant. A helmet audio system made to fit almost any helmet designed for audio systems is meant for the mountains.

10. Locks

Ski resort visitors should keep their belongings safe, as someone could mistake their board for another's. This equipment is expensive and crucial for a successful snowboarding weekend. Therefore, get a durable Burton cable lock that fits into a pocket, has a three-number combination and offers a 30-inch steel cable lock.

Safest Gift

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