Snowboards With Maneuverability

Are you looking for a snowboard that makes you feel like you're floating on powder? Salomon boards provide you with a light lift. No matter the conditions, your Salomon snowboard will offer the stability you depend on to swiftly pivot and glide.

Each men's and women's Salomon snowboard we sell at has different specifications. We give you as much information as we can to help you make your final choice. From the board profile and shape to laminate and flex, we walk you through exactly what you can expect when your new snowboard arrives at your door.

Buy Salomon Snowboard Boots

Do you need boots to go along with your new Salomon snowboard? Take a test run with Salomon snowboard boots.

Crafted by passionate snowboarding enthusiasts, Salomon snowboard boots fit comfortably and support your every move. When evaluating different Salomon snowboard boots, consider:

  • Tightening capabilities: You want your boot to conform exactly as needed.
  • Heel cage: Look for a heel cage that promotes energy, not saps it, so you won't feel fatigued.
  • Molding potential: A snowboard boot should mold to your foot, and Salomon's options tend to quickly follow the lines of your feet.
  • Superior cushioning: With a Salomon snowboard boot, you can confidently come down without feeling a shock or unnecessary jarring.

Salomon Snowboard Bindings for Boards

Trust Salomon for bindings designed with the perfect flex that also offer control and superior balance. Salomon's snowboard bindings are available for freestyle, all-mountain and park uses.

Is It Time for a Snowboard Upgrade?

Have you been considering an upgrade from your current board? Or do you simply want something a little different to showcase on the slopes?

Salomon's huge appeal and name recognition make it a brand worth considering when it's time for something fresh and fun. Salomon's team members take snowboarding seriously. They also know that snowboarders like to mix it up and add character to their runs. That means you'll want to poke around all the snowboards on our website to see which one best suits your identity.

Competitively Priced Salomon Women's and Men's Snowboards

At, we know that you're searching for the perfect snowboard as well as proper snowboard bindings and boots. We have Several different Salomon choices to give you a wide selection at reasonable prices.

Do you need some help choosing Salomon equipment? Our customer service team knows the world of snowboarding. We welcome your questions and look forward to hooking you up with exactly what you need to make winter even more enjoyable.

Salomon Snowboards