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Stay Warm on the Slopes

There is an incredible variety of jackets on sale, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who don't want the cold weather to slow them down. Unfortunately, eventually, you'll have to head indoors to warm up and ramp up for another go on the slopes. That is, unless you're prepared ahead of time. Heated jackets for men allow you to do the things you love in the winter for longer. Plus, heat has a therapeutic benefit if you're struggling with aches or pains in your joints and muscles. Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops is your source for gear, accessories and apparel, like men's heated jackets, which will keep you warm whether you're enjoying some winter sports or shoveling the snow from your driveway. We invite you to peruse our online selection at or come by one of our seven locations in Pennsylvania to see our options in person.

What Are Men's Heated Jackets?

Heated jackets are more than just warm outwear. A low electrical charge runs through panels embedded in the jacket to actually produce heat. The panels are battery-operated and located along the chest and back area, providing your torso with adjustable warmth. If you're feeling extra cold, crank the heat up. Or, if you want to conserve the battery so it lasts longer, keep it on low. Men's heated jackets can be controlled to suit your individual needs.

Typically, a heated jacket's battery will last for about six hours depending on how high you keep the heat. However, once it runs out of juice, just recharge the drained batteries. These are usually located in one of your jacket pockets in a safe compartment where they won't get damaged.

The Advantages of Heated Jackets for Skiers and Snowboarders

When you're outdoors doing the winter sports you love, you don't want the cold weather to send you home early. That's why heated jackets are great options for skiers, snowboarders, and those who love to keep active even in winter. Freezing temperatures can't slow you down! Purchasing this warm winter outwear has other advantages as well:

  • Made with wind-resistant and sturdy materials, heated jackets offer the same level of protection against the elements that you'll experience with other outerwear options.
  • No matter if it's day or night, heated jackets provide comfortable temperatures that can be increased or decreased using a switch.
  • Athletes and men who keep active will love the heated jacket's ability to ease aching muscles and joints. Keeping warm also boosts your body's overall performance, as it keeps you limber and flexible.

Buy Your Men's Heated Jacket at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

If you're in the market for gear, accessories, and apparel to complement your next winter adventure, turn to the trusted team at Buckman's. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, and we pair that with our huge selection of merchandise.

Whether you need a men's heated jacket or anything else that will get you outdoors sooner, we can help. Other benefits you'll experience at Buckman's include:

  • Shopping Made Easy: With seven retail locations plus a user-friendly website filled with items you'll love, we make shopping for your next skiing or snowboarding getaway a cinch.
  • Price-Match Guarantee: Buckman's is proud to provide everyday low prices on our entire inventory. But if you happen to find it cheaper somewhere else, we will match that price.
  • Shipping Savings: Shipping prices make online ordering a hassle. But with free shipping on most orders of $50 or more, we take that burden off our customers.
  • Green Initiatives: Protecting the environment is a priority at Buckman's. That's why we've implemented green practices into how we do things, from running on solar energy at our corporate offices to implementing recycling programs.

If you have questions about any of our products, contact us today. We're staffed by skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor enthusiasts who are available to answer your queries. See you on the slopes soon!