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Backcountry snowboarding offers the opportunity to hit untouched slopes and set out on your own path. And if you're someone always searching for adventure, fun and excitement, you're sure to find it in this ungroomed territory. Of course, you need the best men's snowboard for you to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

At Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops, we offer backcountry snowboards from some of the top brands. Each snowboard has been engineered thoughtfully to help you have the time of your life. Pair any snowboard with the right set of boots and you're just moments away from your next thrill.

How to Choose a Backcountry Snowboard

As with all skiing and snowboarding equipment, you'll want to keep several considerations in mind when selecting from our world-class backcountry snowboards for men. Start by answering the following questions:

How much flex do you want out of your board? All backcountry snowboards have a flex rating of soft, medium or stiff. What's the difference? Soft flex boards give you great turning accuracy. On the other hand, they can chatter at high speeds. For faster snowboards, aim for a stiff board or select a medium flex backcountry board for a "down the middle" option.

What type of snowboard shape do you need? The shape of your snowboard will affect how well you can pivot and handle switchbacks. Directional snowboards give you the ability to cut through the snowy slopes with ease and agility. True twin and directional twin boards mount down the middle and give you more stability on switches.

Is the snowboard's weight important to you? Some snowboards are heavier than others. This might not be a big deal, but if you're planning to hike a lot through rural areas, you might want to choose a lighter snowboard that's easier to carry for long distances.

Backcountry Snowboard Brands Buckman's Carries

Our goal has always been to carry superior equipment from the top trusted names in the ski and snowboarding business. As a result, you can depend on recognizing the manufacturers that design each of the men's backcountry snowboards we offer online and in our stores.

  • Burton: The Burton name has been a major contender in the outdoor sports and exercise category since 1977. Burton products are known for being built to handle anything from easy rides to the hardest terrain you can throw their way. When you want a brand with a reputation for excellence and sustainability, look for the Burton label.
  • Never Summer: The Never Summer brand has become synonymous with quality, style and dependability since its inception in 1991. All men's backcountry snowboards from Never Summer are made in the USA and carefully tested. They're a must-have whether you're new to backcountry snowboarding or an old hat at exploring uncharted areas.

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