Complete Tune-Up*

Service Early Price
Oct 1-31



Skis with Binding Adjustments



Skis with Binding Remounts



Snowboard $52 $67
Snowblade n/a $38
Tune-up Season Pass ** n/a $90

Sharpen & Wax / Other

Service Early Price
Oct 1-31
Skis: Sharpen & Wax



Snowboard: Sharpen & Wax



Snowboard: Hand Sharpen & Wax
(for select boards as needed)



Snowblade: Sharpen & Wax n/a $25
Edge Sharpen n/a $26
Stone Grind n/a $27
Hot Wax n/a $23
Edge Bevel n/a $32

Binding Services***

Service Price
Mount / Binding Adjustment
(without equipment purchase)


Ski System Mount
(without equipment purchase)


Mount & Binding Adjustment
(with ski equipment purchase)


Mount / Re-Mount Cross Country Skis $28
Computerized Binding Test $28
Binding Adjustment $33
Canting (one ski) $140
Snowboard Mount
(without equipment purchase)


Service Price
Bottom Repairs


Edge Repair / Replacement


Bottom Base Repair (per location) $18
Tip Delamination (per ski) $65
Heli - Coils (each) $16
Epoxy Repair $7


Service Season
Ski Boots
Custom Boot Stretch (no sale) $75
Custom Boot Stretch after 1 hour (no sale)

$1 per

Snowboard Boots
Liner Heat Mold (no sale) $20
Boot Boa Repair $20

Service Time & Rush Charge Information

We are currently running on a one week turnaround time for all workshop work requests. At Buckman's we thrive on top-quality service in our state-of-the-art workshop. If you need your work completed prior to a one week turnaround time, it can be done with a rush charge.

Rush Rates:

  • MEGA RUSH (less than 24 hours): $40
  • Express 24 hour rush charge: $35
  • Express 48 hour rush charge: $23
  • VIP 72 hour rush charge: $16

Please note...

* Complete Tune-ups Include: Bottom Stone Finish, Bottom Wet Grind, Edge Sharpening, Deburring Edges, Computerized Binding Test, Structuring, Hot Wax

** A Tune-up Season Pass is good for 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard per season. Expires March 15th of each season.

*** You must bring in your ski boots for any binding work that will be done to you skis. This includes binding mounts, re-mounts and adjustments. This is necessary to make sure your bindings are adjusted for your specific ski boots.

*****Prices and Services subject to change without notice.*****

Montana Saphir II Tuning Machine

We are one of two locations in the USA with a Montana Saphir II Pro tuning machine. Watch the video>>

How Buckman's Does a Complete Ski Tune-up

How Buckman's Sharpens and Waxes Skis

How Buckman's Mounts a Ski

How Buckman's Waxes a Snowboard

How Buckman's Repairs a Snowboard Edge

Snowboard and Ski Tune-Ups Near Me

man working on tune-up of skis in workshop 

If you’re a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast, there's probably nothing you love more than hitting the slopes with some good friends. However, you can’t enjoy the fun parts of this hobby without also putting in the behind-the-scenes effort and tuning and waxing to make these snowy afternoons a reality.

Maintaining your winter sports equipment ensures a good day out on the snow whenever you hit the trails. If you don't have the time, experience or ability to maintain your own skis and snowboard though, your best option is to find a reliable ski and snowboard tune-up shop near you.

Why Should You Have Your Ski or Snowboard Equipment Serviced?

If your equipment is working fine, why should you spend the time and money to sharpen and wax your skis or snowboard?

The simplest answer is that tuning helps your skis and snowboards work to the very best of their capabilities. While a snowboard or a pair of skis that haven't been serviced in a while will still technically remain functional, they’ll also be far less efficient than they could be. They’ll be slower, they won’t turn as sharply and the ride will be less smooth overall. However, if you ensure that you invest in regular tuning, your equipment will run swiftly and smoothly, with minimal bumping and maximum turning efficiency.

When you get an equipment tune-up, the shop will do the maintenance for you, giving you more time to enjoy your skis and snowboard out on the slopes. Ski tune-up shops can most often sharpen and wax your skis, sharpen and wax your snowboard, and more. Servicing is about ensuring that your winter sports equipment stays in top condition. This, in turn, helps you become the very best skier or snowboarder you can be.

Repairing Damage to the Bottom and Sides of Your Skis or Snowboard

information from buckmans ski shops about repairing damage to the bottom and sides of skis and snowboards 

Let’s face it — with normal use, the bottoms and sides of your skis or snowboards wear down. This constant friction maintained between the snow and your skis or snowboard, in addition to the weight your equipment bears as it’s doing so, is bound to result in some damage over time. Sometimes this wear-and-tear is obvious. Other times, the damage is so subtle that you might not even notice it unless you knew what to look for.

If the base of your board or skis look faded, they're likely dry and will need a cleaning and a wax . For sharpness, try using your fingernail to test — if you can scrape the back of your nail perpendicular to the board or ski and some nail shavings come off, you're sharp. If your edges aren't angled and sharp enough, a file guide tool helps you smooth out edges and burrs.

You or a service professional should regularly perform this maintenance on your equipment:

1. Drying

After every use, make sure you wipe down and dry your gear thoroughly. This step is preventative and will help keep your skis and board clean and rust-free.

2. Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning is exactly what it sounds like. Your skis or snowboard will likely accumulate plenty of dirt, grime and stains over the course of the season. A basic cleaning will wipe all this away, revealing the current state of your bases and giving a clearer indication of what other sorts of maintenance might be required.

3. Repairs

Any damage the base or side of your skis or snowboard have incurred will need to be repaired. For example, if you hit a rock that scraped away part of the base, or if a piece of the base has broken off, repairs are necessary. A full tune up will always attend to concerns like this.

4. Waxing

Waxing is one of the single most critical parts of a ski or snowboard tune. A wax coat essentially seals the bases of your equipment, keeping water out and helping keep the bases smooth, firm and impermeable. A well-tuned base means you can be consistent with your movements — like completing sharp turns and skimming quickly over the snow.

The process is a slow and careful one with many steps, but the basic process involves melting a chunk of specially designed wax over the base of your skis or snowboard with a hot iron. This wax then sinks into the pores of the base, which is how the wax works to shut out water. Once the wax has fully dried and settled into the pores, you’ll then scrape off all the extra that remains. The only wax that will remain after this scraping is the wax that has sunk into the material of the ski or snowboard itself.

Why Is Waxing Your Skis or Snowboard Important?

If you’re relatively new to skiing or snowboarding, don't underestimate the power of a good waxing. Recreational users and professionals use wax to keep their equipment in top condition and to preserve it. If you've bought your gear, you should want to preserve it for longevity's sake while getting the best performance out of it. The same if you're even  renting gear for the season . Your experience will be vastly elevated if you properly and regularly wax your board or skis. Waxing is a key part of the tune process and will greatly enhance even the most basic winter sports experience.

A hot wax coat essentially acts as a waterproof seal for the base of your skis or snowboard, keeping out water as well as dirt, debris and ice. This seal allows the base of the piece to remain one even, clean surface that creates the smoothest possible ride over the snow. Ski and snowboard waxing makes your ride as fast as possible and affects your turning prowess. A base that’s been sealed with a wax coat will turn sharply, reacting quickly and accurately to your motions. A base that hasn’t been sealed will drag and slow down as you try to turn.

When you’re out on the slopes, and you begin to feel that you aren’t flying quite as fast as you ordinarily would, this should raise a red flag. Try a few turns to get a sense of the handling of your skis or snowboard, and if you feel these turns are dragging and not as sharp as you know they should be, it's time for a tune-up. Your wax seal is likely wearing away, and it’s time to add a new one.

How Often Should You Wax Your Skis or Snowboard?

It is impossible to wax your equipment too much. Even if you were to wax your skis or snowboard every single day between rides, it wouldn't be too much. And while it isn’t necessary to wax them quite this frequently, it’s still a good idea to get this process done often. Ideally, you’ll wax them after every three or four rides, but it certainly won’t hurt to do it more often.

A great way to tell if your wax seal is starting to wear down is to examine the bases. If you notice that the black of your bases is starting to become speckled with white, this is a sign that they’re in need of a fresh waxing.

How Often Should You Get a Snowboard or Ski Tune-Up?

basic cleaning as part of a ski tune-up 

It's one thing to tell how often your equipment needs a fresh coat of wax. But how do you know when it’s time to take your skis and snowboards in for more general types of servicing?

Sometimes, it’s obvious when your gear need a bit of help. If you took a bad fall and your skis got banged up in the process, they’ll clearly need some work. Or if you ran into a rock that damaged the base of your board and ruined your edge, it’s time to take it in for some servicing or even an edge replacement. 

If your equipment hasn't incurred any obvious visible damage, do you still need to take it in? Yes. A trained ski and snowboard tune professional can see if your bases aren't flat or notice scrapes and bumps you might not recognize if you're not used to looking for damage.

Outside of major crashes, how often you service your skis or snowboard depends on different factors — such as how often you ride, what level of skiing or boarding you do and what type of conditions you’re riding in. If you don’t ride frequently, you should service your skis or snowboard a few days before you use them to make sure they're in good condition. If you’re running basic resort slopes every few days, your gear will require maintenance and checks on off-days when you're not on the slope or trail. If you’re taking on rough terrain, your gear's maintenance needs might be daily because you're likely to have more wear and tear on the base or sides of your ski or board.

It’s also worth noting that the type of snow you’re skiing in plays a big part in this question. Soft powdery snow is less damaging to your skis or board, while hard-packed and icy snow will wear down your skis or board and lead to more frequent maintenance.

Tuning your gear regularly is ideal, so you might want to consider buying a tune-up season pass that lets you keep up with maintenance. If budget or time means you can only fit in one basic tune up a year, we recommend getting this done at the very end of the season before you pack your winter sports equipment away for the year.

Where Should You Get Your Gear Waxed and Serviced?

ski wax and service demonstration 

Not sure where to get your skis waxed and serviced? Never used a snowboard tune-up service before? If you’re located in or near Eastern Pennsylvania, check out our various maintenance services here at Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops.

We know that skis and snowboards need plenty of work to stay in top condition, and that’s why we seek to offer all the most important services at our seven different locations. With over 47 years of experience serving winter sports enthusiasts just like you, you can feel confident in leaving your equipment with us.

The services you can take advantage of when you visit one of our maintenance shops include:

  • Full Tune-Up: The complete tune-up allows you to leave the shop with your newly serviced equipment feeling confident that everything has been checked and made ready for the new season. Services that are included in the full tune-up include a bottom stone finish, edge sharpening, computerized binding test, and a hot wax.
  • Sharpen & Wax: If you don’t need the full tune-up but are looking to get your skis and snowboards sharpened and waxed, then you’ll likely opt for a service from this category. When you sharpen and wax your skis and snowboard, you ensure that they keep running smoothly until the next tune-up.
  • Repairs: Preventative care is the best kind of care, but sometimes, things don’t go as planned on the slopes or even at home in your living room. When something breaks, the best option is to take your equipment in for repairs. We offer basic ski and snowboard repair services as well as preventative and maintenance care.
  • Ski & Snowboard Binding Services: If there’s a problem with any of the straps or bindings, we’ll happily adjust those for you. Just remember to bring your ski boots with you on this trip, as we’ll need those to determine how to make the necessary adjustments.

Visit Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shop Today

worker completing a ski tune-up in workshop and invitation to visit buckman's ski and snowboard shops 

Is it time for your next ski or snowboard tune-up? Have you noticed your equipment riding a little slower and less smoothly than normal? If you’re in the Pennsylvania area, visit Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops. We offer everything from binding services to a complete tune-up and a sharpen and wax. With services such as these at your fingertips, there’s no need to put off your ski maintenance another day. Learn more about the services we offer today and the location nearest you to get started with your tune-up.