how to teach your kid to ski

How to Teach Your Kid to Ski

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

If skiing is a major part of your life, you’ve probably spent years dreaming of the day when you could finally take your kids out for their first skiing lesson. It’s exciting to pass on something you’re so passionate about, and under ideal circumstances, it can grow to be an activity you all share as a family. Of course, kids are always unpredictable. We all imagine our kids are going to be ...

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What do I need to know when taking my kids skiing?

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Friday, March 4, 2016

Wondering if the time is now to get those little one’s out and on the slopes? Skiing as a family can be a very enjoyable time and can create lifelong memories. Making sure that your little ones are properly prepared will make all the difference between a great day or a miserable day on the slopes.   Keep them warm and dry All parents know that a cold kid is an ...

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