Burton Snowboard Gear at Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shop

When those in the know think of snowboarding gear, there’s one name that comes to mind before all others: Burton. The very definition of an industry leader, Burton has built a reputation through an uncompromising commitment to quality above all else, as well as elevating innovation from buzzword status to a foundation for growth. 

History of Burton Snow Gear

Back in 1977, snowboarding was considered to be a very niche hobby, more of a curiosity, with no sporting companies behind it. So Jake Burton Carpenter decided to do something about it. In his little Vermont barn, Carpenter began working on snowboard design and construction, lending his middle name to this fledgling company. 

Carpenter had one strong focus — he wouldn’t create anything for the sake of creating it. It had to be unmatched in materials and construction, tested tirelessly under the most demanding conditions to ensure it was worth putting his name on. He invested heavily in research and development, looking at every single aspect of snowboarding to find room for improvement.

As the decades passed, and the sport gained legitimacy, snowboarders everywhere came to trust and rely on anything released under the Burton brand. Breakthrough designs, durable construction and a genuine love for the sport became the standard, and competitors could only hope to try to keep up. Now, forty years since Carpenter’s first homemade snowboard left his barn, you see his name wherever there is snow, and sometimes where there’s gold — Shaun White, winner of the most Olympic medals in snowboarding history, can always be seen riding a Burton.

Shop for Burton Snow Gear for the Whole Family

While Burton is most famous for its boards, the company's greatest achievement is developing absolutely everything you could ever want while on the slopes. When you’re after top quality, you can hit the ski lift with Burton head to toe.

Snowboards: At Buckman's, we offer Burton Men's, Women's and Kid's snowboard equipment. This goes beyond the snowboard including snowboard bindings and boots. 

Apparel: Keep the whole family warm with base, mid, and casual layers for on and off the slopes. 

Bags: Need a bag for traveling or getting to the slopes? We offer a variety of Burton bags from duffle bags, snowboard boot bags, travel bags and more!

Accessories: Complete your preparation for snowboard season with Burton accessories including wall mount racks, body armor, tuning tools and more!

Options available from Burton will be better designed, have better construction than the competition and be perfectly balanced between function and style.

An Unmatched Snowboarding Experience

When you want the best, you start and end with Burton. Their snowboards, customized for men and women, customized for men and women, will be a very long-term investment that’ll give you an edge when you hit the slopes. Light, flexible and durable, Burton offers them tailored to your ideal ride.

Models are available for four types of terrain, for your level of expertise and in six sizes. When matched with Burton’s bindings and boots, you’ve got yourself the ultimate snowboard package.

Browse Our Selection of the Perfected Burton Snowboard Jacket

Our extensive collection of men’s snowboard jackets are bringing an impeccable blend of comfort, warmth and quality to your downhill experience. You’ll find options like the breathable, windproof and waterproof protection of Gore-Tex® or the perfect warmth of down or synthetic fill. Each is flawlessly designed to fit perfectly while offering the flexibility to get really athletic.

Burton’s men’s snowboard jackets also feature practical, thoughtful elements such as pocket placement, comfortable hem design and use of lightweight materials. When it comes to functional, heavy-duty warmth at high elevations, never settle. Find your perfect Burton jacket now.

Get Ready for Ski and Snowboard Season at Buckman's

At Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shop, we offer a wide selection of Burton products from snowboard equipment to apparel and more. Browse through our Burton products to get the whole family ready for the slopes!