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K2 is a benchmark of the American Ski and Snowboard Brand, with a history dating back to the 1960s. Founded in Washington State, K2 is known for its specialized focus on snowboards and its celebration of the great outdoors. Most notably, K2 was the first brand to begin engineering snowboard products specifically for women. As an industry leader with an innovative, trend-setting approach to design, K2 Snowboards are consistently lauded for their impressive quality and affordability.

Variety of K2 Snowboards and Gear Available carries a selection of must-have K2 items for any snowboarder. From boots and bindings to innovatively crafted snowboards, our K2 line includes all the essentials for your next adventure on the slopes. Browse our selection of top-tier gear, including:

  • + K2 snowboard boots: Designed for excellent control and responsiveness, K2 boots keep snowboarders' feet happy barrelling down a double black or spinning backside threes in the jump line.
  • + K2 snowboard bindings: Nail every landing and turn when you're strapped in with K2 bindings. With the strongest lightweight materials connecting you to the board, you can make the most of every moment on the slopes.
  • + K2 snowboards: Our selection of K2 snowboards include popular favorites that are on the forefront of engineering. These playful, responsive, cutting edge snowboards allow boarders to ride the thrilling intersection between skate, surf and snow.
  • + K2 snowboard kids gear: Share your love of the outdoors with our collection of K2 snowboard gear for kids. Smaller boards, with bindings and boots to match, will help young boarders progress and grow comfortable on their feet. Added rocker and stability features help kids stay confident during the learning curve and prepare for a lifetime of winter sports.

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Our passion for snowboarding and skiing spills out into every service we offer. Our goal is to help you enjoy winter like never before — with quality gear that gets you moving in the snow. We regularly offer discounts and deals as well as a guaranteed price match to make sure outdoor winter adventures are accessible for everyone!

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