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Kids’ Skis

Whether your children are on the bunny hill or already confident skiers, they will need kids' snow skis to hit the slopes. When choosing kids' skis and boots, look for:

  • Size: The easiest way to get the right size of skis for your child is to measure the skis. Stand the skis up on end next to your child. Skis that reach your child’s chin are best if they are new to skiing. For more advanced child skiers, skis that reach their eyebrows offer more flexibility and control.
  • Build: Kids’ downhill skis are engineered to be forgiving and flexible, even with minimal pressure. Some skis designed for kids have a wood core, which is stiff, but these should only be reserved for kids who are experienced on the slopes or those who need race skis.
  • Quality: Since kids grow out of their skis quickly, some parents wonder whether it makes sense to invest in quality. In reality, high-quality skis come with features that make learning easier and could impact safety. Our selection of youth skis makes it easier for children to learn and offer good performance and control.

Rent or Buy?

Many parents are tempted to rent skis. While this is a good idea for an occasional vacation or for a first try at the bunny hill, as soon as you realize your child wants to learn to ski, it is a good idea to buy. Here's why:

  • You control quality: With rental skis, you may not get much say about features, construction, build and brand. When you buy, you can be sure your child is using your choice of quality equipment. 
  • You control wear and tear: Rentals can undergo very heavy use, and you don’t get to say when they will be replaced. When you buy, you can inspect skis carefully before each season and upgrade as needed. 
  • Your child’s learning is enhanced: When your child gets used to one set of skis and those skis fit well, they don't have to spend time adjusting to new skis or trying to ski with a less-than-perfect fit. They are free to focus on learning.

If cost is a consideration, Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops have clearance sales and a price match guarantee to help you. Our family-owned and operated stores only sell quality brands we would entrust our own children with, so you know you’re getting an excellent product. Our stores also offer custom boot fitting, and we even have rentals with a buyout option if you want to try part of our rental fleet before you buy.

Where Can I Find Kids' Skis Near Me?

Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops has stores in Montgomeryville, Reading, Whitehall, King of Prussia, Doylestown, Ardmore, and Exton, PA. Our online store is also open 24/7 for your convenience if you are outside of these areas. Don't forget to take advantage of our free shipping on most orders of $50 or more — your child’s next pair of skis may be closer than you think!