In addition to our wide assortment of Ski and Snowboard apparel, equipment and accessories, Buckman’s Ski Shop also offers custom ski boot fitting services. There is nothing like the comfort and performance of a ski or snowboard boot that is custom fit to your foot!

About Boot Fittings

If you're new to skiing, you might not know exactly what a boot fitting is. These fitting sessions are important because no two people's feet are the same — the exact same boots will not have the same fit on two people, even if they wear the same size. The goal of a ski boot fitting is to improve sizing and comfort, which can help improve your performance while you're out on the slopes.

Each person will have a different fit. The length and width of your foot as well as the arch cause many these differences.

During your appointment, your fitter will ask you a variety of questions to get an idea of your concerns with your current boot fit to get a better idea of what you want and need. They'll also take a few different measurements, including your toe length, the width of your foot and the arch.

After the questions and the measurements, your fitter will pick out a few different boots for you to try on to compare to your current fit. You'll give them your feedback about each foot, so they have a clearer idea of what adjustments to make to your own boots.

The Benefits of Custom Fit Boots

Whether you're buying a new pair of ski boots or have had your boots for years, anyone can benefit from custom fit boots. There are a variety of benefits you'll see after your fitting, including:

  • Comfort: When your boots are adjusted to the precise attributes of your feet, you'll enjoy a much higher level of comfort. With less attention on your feet, you'll have a better experience out on the slopes.
  • Control: If you're having trouble turning right and left, a ski boot fitting can help. With a better fit, you'll have better control over your skis.
  • Fatigue: At the end of the day, your feet will be tired. But, you can reduce your foot fatigue after a full day with a ski boot fitting.
  • Balance: If you feel insecure in your boots, you won't have the best balance. When you know your feet are secured and comfortable, you'll have a more balanced ride down the slopes.
  • Pressure: When your boots are too tight at certain spots, it can cut off or decrease circulation. This causes discomfort and can even make you come in sooner than you'd like. Custom ski boots will relieve these pressure points.
  • Warmth: During a boot fitting, you may choose to add padding, or make other changes that promote better blood flow, making your boots warmer. If keeping your feet warm is a concern, this is a great perk of your custom boots.

Whatever concerns you have with your ski boots, a custom fitting can bring all these amazing benefits.

What's Included in a Ski Boot Fitting at Buckman's?

At Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops, our boot fitters are trained to give you the best custom ski boots. We train our staff on how to give a proper ski boot fitting and how to fit a variety of different issues you might have with your current fit.

We have all the tools we need in-house to stretch or grind your shell and add the right padding and liners. Whatever concerns you have with your ski boots, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to give you the perfect new fit.

This service includes:

  • Stretching and grinding of boots, use of padding to eliminate spots of discomfort. Custom boot stance alignment. Boot sole planing.
  • Custom foot beds from Conformable which provide better balance, added comfort and less fatigue by having a foot bed custom made for your foot and boot
  • Performance guarantee on boots purchased at our retail stores – see store for details

Please visit one of our stores for your custom ski or snowboard boot fitting!

(Please note, there may be a charge if the boots were not purchased at a Buckman's location.)