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Our Youth Snowboards For Sale

If your child wants to start or continue snowboarding, getting them a snowboard can heighten their excitement and dedication to the sport. For a dependable kids snowboard, trust Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops. We have numerous quality boards that work for any child at any skill level. We even have boards in vibrant colors that are easy to track on the slopes.

Use our guide to help determine the best shape and board profile for your child, and let Buckman's customer service team help you choose the best-sized board.

How to Choose Snowboards for Kids

Consider these three snowboard factors to choose a board that best fits your child and their experience level.

Board Type

We offer one type of snowboard for kids: all-mountain snowboards. All-mountain snowboards are versatile boards that perform well on snowy mountainsides and in snowboard parks. Whether your child is cruising through the snow or attempting a trick, this board has your kid's back. An all-mountain board is characterized by its easy control and stability. It's an excellent snowboard for beginners or young children who are more advanced.

Board Shape

A board's shape facilitates the types of movements your young one can perform. Our all-mountain boards have two shapes — directional and twin:

  • Directional: These boards move mainly in one direction: forward. This one-direction board has a softer tip and a stiffer tail, easing the journey down a hill and providing the rider with a setback stance.
  • Twin: A twin allows a rider to ride forward or backward. The switch is facilitated by the center stance and the identically shaped tail and tip. Riding switch is also made easy by the equal flex in both the board's front and back.

Board Profile

The board profile is how the board lies on the ground. Depending on the board's curved areas and the spots that contact the ground, a young rider will have different control levels on the slopes, which makes for different experiences. We offer two board profiles in camber and rocker:

  • Camber: A camber profile has an upward curved tip and tail, and the center of the board doesn't reach the ground. Ground contact at the board's front and back allows your child to speed down slopes, and the overall profile works beautifully on groomed trails.
  • Rocker: A rocker profile describes a board that's center touches the ground while the tip and tail curve upward. This ground contact makes the board a less aggressive option for young ones.

Shop for Kids Snowboard Gear at Buckman's

If you're wondering where to buy kids snowboards, trust that Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops is the place to go. Our award-winning online and in-person customer service team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in picking the best board for your child's skill level and personality. Let our passion for snowboarding and skiing help you make a well-informed decision that leads to new memories with your child on the slopes.

Browse our selection of kids snowboards for sale today so your family can be prepared when they hit the slopes!