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Types of Snowboard Bags

Before shredding some powder, you'll need to get your snowboard from Point A to Point B without it suffering any damages. No two snowboarder's needs are precisely the same, as you'll likely have your requirements for capacity, portability, style and budget.

You'll find that our available bags cover all the bases. The sizes range from 129 centimeters to 146 centimeters to nearly 190 centimeters, and there are several sizes in between to satisfy your board's requirements. Cases can serve as sleeves for single decks, or they can be more voluminous for numerous boards.

Additionally, bags come in various materials to meet different durability standards. We have hard cases made from polyethylene plastic to withstand a lot of punishment, but we also sell board booties that serve as lightweight options that offer quick protection. Most bags consist of nylon and polyester blends, and waterproof backings and linings help to reduce the likelihood of wet boards leaking through the material.

We also have different levels of padding to match the intensity of travel. When it comes to portability, bags come with traditional straps for carrying by hand, but we stock multiple snowboard wheelie bags, too.

Tips for Picking a Snowboard Bag

If you've decided to invest in a snowboard bag, here are some factors to consider:

  • Find out What Size You Need: You'll want to measure your board and compare it to options and their overall capacities. You can bring your board to a shop to test yourself, but you'll also want to think about what else you want to keep in your bag. You might want to use the extra space for goggles, boots, backpacks, helmets and more. If you frequently travel on long road trips or plane rides, consolidating your baggage will keep all your items together and make it easier to stay organized.
  • Ensure Its Build Is Appropriate: Casual trips typically don't call for added protection, so you might need a sleeve or bootie. However, grander excursions might make you consider bags with additional padding and more robust materials to prevent scratching and bumping.
  • Determine Your Level of Convenience: If you're frequently running through train stations and airport terminals, a snowboard case with wheels will significantly ease the burden of hauling your board around. This feature will also help when carrying around other bags simultaneously.

Shop Snowboard Bags at Buckman's

When taking trips to ski resorts, either nearby or far away, you'll benefit from a well-made snowboard bag that keeps your board thoroughly intact. Buckman's Ski Shops understands this need, and that's why we carry a massive inventory of snowboard sleeves and bags to make your next trip more manageable.

With more than half a dozen shops in Pennsylvania, Buckman's is well-positioned and equipped to supply elite snowboard sleeve bags and beyond to dedicated outdoor enthusiasts or people new to snowboarding. We'll gladly assist anybody, as our customer service team will help to tackle any scenario. 

You'll find that we offer price-match guarantees, as well as free shipping on most orders that eclipse $50. To learn more, contact us today to discuss our snowboard bags!