Best Ski and Snowboard Apparel Brands Best Ski and Snowboard Apparel Brands

7 Best Ski and Snowboard Apparel Brands

Posted by Matt Gahman on Tuesday, March 14, 2023

In order to enjoy a long day out on the slopes, you need to make sure you're in comfortable and durable clothing. The following brands are known for their top-notch ski and snowboard apparel. From breathable fabrics to fashionable designs, each brand provides everything you need so you can spend your day focusing on exploring and enjoying the outdoors instead of worrying about what to wear.

In no particular order…

1. Arc'teryx

Arc'teryx stands out for its high-quality, lightweight and durable outerwear products. Specifically, when shopping for men's or women's ski jackets, Arc'teryx offers quality options in both hardshell and softshell designs.

The brand's hardshell jackets use Gore-Tex technology, so they're completely windproof, waterproof and breathable. Gore-Tex is a thin fabric that includes nine billion pores per square inch that shield against water while still letting moisture escape from the body to give you a more comfortable experience. Arc'teryx hardshell jackets are ideal for the adventurous skier or snowboarder who never know where the day may take them.

Comparatively, softshell jackets easily handle different types of weather while keeping you at a comfortable temperature. These jackets easily and comfortably move with your body, so you can have full mobility on the slopes. This brand offers various softshell jacket styles to suit your needs.

2. Nils

Made for women by women, Nils offers quality and stylish outdoor apparel. Nils also has inclusive sizing, making it a top brand for ski and snowboard apparel. Some standout products from Nils include jackets, pants, sweaters and one-piece snow suits.

Nils combines Gore-Tex technology with appealing designs to create pieces that will keep you warm and dry on the slopes while ensuring you look your best.

Nils women's ski jackets are typically adjustable at key points of the body, such as the hips and wrists. This option allows you to adjust your jacket properly to give you a comfortable fit and complement your body shape. These jackets also typically come with removable fur-lined hoods if you're looking for an extra wow factor.

3. Burton

Burton is the pioneer snowboarding apparel and equipment brand. Since the late 1970s, Burton has been producing quality snowboarding gear. Today, Burton continues to be one of the most notable snowboard apparel brands.

The brand produces a wide variety of products, including great apparel options for layering. Burton's varying layer options will help keep you and your family warm for a day on the slopes.

Some stand-out products include their long sleeve T-shirts, base-layer pants or leggings, and hoodies. These products are great for keeping you warm and comfortable both on and off the slopes.

Marmot Ski Gloves

4. Marmot

Marmot ski and snowboard apparel is developed sustainably with quality as a top priority. Marmot apparel is accessible for many different budgets, so you can get a high-quality product for less than some other brands.

A featured Marmot product is the brand's gloves. Marmot gloves and mittens are made with Thermal R polyester or PrimaLoft insulation. Gore-Tex technology also keeps them breathable and waterproof, while their anatomical shape provides optimal comfort and movement. To make the gloves even more of a stand-out product, they also include built-in nose wipes to handle any runny noses without causing irritation.

5. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is an industry leader in innovation and quality. Their products are known for insulation, flexibility and overall weather protection. Helly Hansen apparel and products can be found in over 200 ski resorts, so you know you're getting a quality product.

While the brand excels in various areas of apparel like jackets and base, mid, and causal layers, two items in particular to note are Helly Hansen ski and snowboard pants. Helly Hansen pants have the company's signature three-ply fabric construction to help with flexibility. These pants also include gaiters to protect your boots and keep snow and ice out.

6. Spyder

Spyder apparel is a popular choice in the skiing and snowboarding community. Known for their innovative construction techniques and various technologies like Exo, Dermizax and Graphene, there's a Spyder product for everyone. In fact, Spyder is known for the versatility of its products — whatever features are important to you, there's sure to be a Spyder product that meets your needs.

Spyder ski jackets and pants are dependable, adjustable and fashionable. For men's ski pants, you can even expect a removable pair of high-back suspenders for support if you need it. Meanwhile, Spyder jackets have all their seams fully taped to resist tearing.

7. Patagonia

If you're looking for a ski and snowboard apparel brand that values quality and sustainability, you'll want to shop Patagonia's collection of jackets, pants and other cold-weather gear.

Patagonia ski jackets for men, women and children use recycled polyester to repel moisture. Additionally, the down insulation of these jackets is sourced through the most humane standards.

Other notable features that can be found in most Patagonia jackets include the single-pull adjustable hood, interior storm flap and zipper storage, hand warmer pockets, a zippered chest pocket and a cord to tighten your jacket's hem.

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