7 Best Brands for Ski Equipment 7 Best Brands for Ski Equipment

7 Best Brands for Ski Equipment

Posted by Matt Gahman on Wednesday, February 8, 2023

With so many ski brands out there, it can be hard to know which brands are really worth your money — that's why we've gathered seven of the best ski brands that carry high-quality ski equipment. With products for every skill level, there is something for everyone! In no particular order…

1. Nordica

Nordica began as a premium footwear company in Italy during the late 1930s. As skiing gained popularity, Nordica began to manufacture ski boots and equipment. The buckle fastening system still used on ski boots today was a Nordica innovation in the 1960s.

Nordica remains a leader in innovation and quality ski equipment today. It produces a lot of top-notch ski equipment, and some of the company's standout products include:

  • Ski boots: The Cruise 120 ski boots offer a super wide opening that makes it easy to put them on and take them off. The Cruise 120 boots also improve balance, give the skier more control and minimize fatigue.
  • Skis: The Santa Ana 88 skis are known for their versatility and remain Nordica's best-selling women's skis. The Enforcer 100 skis take the best-seller spot on the men's side due to the boot's great stability and response, even in wet conditions or heavy snow.
  • Ski poles: Enjoy affordable, lightweight and comfortable ski poles with Nordica's Primo Uni Ski Poles, available in multiple sizes.

2. Volkl

As the largest ski manufacturer in Germany, Volkl has earned its respect as one of the best ski equipment brands since 1923. The men's M6 Mantra skis and the Blaze 86 skis, available in both men's and women's variations, are two highly praised sets. Volkl skis are known for their durability and longevity.

Volkl skis are best suited for advanced and experienced skiers. If you're more of a beginner looking to own some ski equipment from the iconic Volkl, consider one of their other products, like:

  • Ski bags: Acting as the perfect family ski bag, the Rolling All Pro Gearbag can carry up to four pairs of skis and four pairs of poles at once.
  • Boot bags: The Volkl Deluxe Boot Bag is specifically made to carry your boots while keeping your other gear clean and dry. This bag features a specific compartment for boots and a padded section to protect your goggles.
  • Duffel bags: Perfect for the skier who loves to travel, the Rolling All Pro Duffel has plenty of space for all your supplies, with wheels to make moving it easier.

3. Atomic

Atomic stands out as another great ski brand for more experienced skiers. Located in the Austrian Alps, Atomic has continued to manufacture top-level skiing equipment since its founding in 1955. Atomic has partnerships with numerous professional skiers, including athletes from the United States, Austria, Norway and France, to name a few.

Atomic's quality ski equipment expands past skis and ski boots. The brand is also known for producing other top-notch ski equipment, including:

  • Helmets: The unisex Atomic Savor GT Visor Photochromatic Helmet provides the perfect lens tint so you can see in any lighting. This helmet also has adjustable vents so you can control the airflow and stay cool during your next ski run.
  • Goggles: The Atomic Four Q HD Goggle increases your field of vision by 20% and includes an 8X anti-fog inner lens to make sure you always have a clear view.
  • Ski bags: Atomic's RS Double Ski Bag helps transport your skis, even if they're extremely heavy, thanks to the bag's two wheels.

4. Blizzard

Another Austrian-based ski brand, Blizzard is known for its all-mountain skis. The brand is considered a leader in women's skis specifically.

Some standout ski equipment from Blizzard includes:

  • Women's skis: The women's Black Pearl 88 skis are ideal for skiers who are ready to take on any weather conditions and want their skis to do the same. Powder, bumps and tight turns are no match for the Black Pearl 88 skis.
  • Men's skis: Men can also enjoy the great performance of Blizzard skis with the Brahma 88 skis. These skis provide incredible edge grip and stability during high speeds, and they're ready for any weather the slopes can throw at you.
  • Kid's skis: Make your next ski trip a family outing with Blizzard's Pearl Jr skis designed for kids. With the Pearl Jr's soft ski flex, these skis are more forgiving in unfavorable weather conditions than other stiffer skis.

5. Salomon

Born in the French Alps, Salomon produces various outdoor sports equipment, including high-quality ski products. Salomon is committed to getting people to get outside, as well as sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. If supporting brands that work to lessen their environmental impact is important to you, Salomon is a win-win with its quality products and values.

Salomon carries some of the best ski boots on the market, and it is common to see more than a few pairs on the slopes at a time. Specifically, Salomon has an excellent collection of ski boots for beginner and intermediate levels.

Salomon Brand Values

Other top-quality Salomon ski equipment includes:

6. Tecnica

Tecnica is an Italian ski equipment brand known for its footwear within the sports equipment industry. It's also one of the best ski boot brands for intermediate to advanced skiers. Ski boots from Tecnica are customizable, so you can get the best fit for your needs.

Notable ski boots for different skiers include:

  • Men's boots: The men's Mach 1 MV 120 Boot is known to give the skier ultimate power and control of the skis. This boot is best for advanced skiers.
  • Women's boots: The women's Mach Sport MV 85 Boot is ideal for intermediate skiers, and thanks to the GripWalk soles, it's known for its walkability. This lets you enjoy your boots before, during and after your ski run.
  • Kid's boots: The JT 2 Ski Boot has a decent amount of flexibility to help young skiers with their balance and comfort while on the slopes.

7. K2

The Seattle-based K2 has a wide range of ski equipment to cover skiers of all levels. From beginner to expert, K2 makes something for every skier. K2 skis are also known for their durability, so you know you get your money's worth.

Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops recommends these K2 skis:

  • Men's skis: The K2 Mindbender 90C Ski, available for both men and women, is great at keeping you light on your feet while providing stability. This ski is ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for a lightweight ski.
  • Women's skis: Encouraging you to become a more experienced skier, the Mindbender 85 Ski is great for any intermediate skier who wants to venture off the traditional path. The Mindbender 85 is a great learning ski, but advanced skiers also find it a valuable set to have on hand.
  • Kid's skis: The Juvy Skis with Bindings are affordable and provide great support for young skiers.
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