NILS Outwear for Women

Are you an active woman looking for functional outdoor ski clothing with stylish flair? If so, NILS is a reputable brand that has made its name with popular products that perform in a variety of scenarios.

NILS and Buckman's Ski Shops both set up shop in the 1970s, and we're proud to work with one another to further our respective commitments to providing elite winter jackets, pants, hats, hoodies, long underwear and other accessories.

Stay Fashionable & Warm All Ski Season

NILS maintains a strong reputation as a female-exclusive dealer, which means they're especially in tune with demands of its customer base. If you're tired of never being able to find the proper size or fit for your frame, NILS creates articles of clothing that are sized accurately and designed to cling to your a body comfortably, in a way that compliments your figure.

Whether your emphasis is on function, fashion or both, NILS offer a range of different collections to suit your needs. As one of the earliest companies to adopt Gore-Tex technology, many NILS ski wear products come with waterproofing, as well as other helpful features.

Products NILS Offers at Buckman's

With plenty of accessories and products to accommodate fashions of all kinds, you'll glide through the snow with style. Here is a rundown of some options:

  • Jackets: Many jackets are adjustable at many critical points of the body, including the cuffs, hoods, elbows and hips to allow for an optimal fit. You can even get NILS women ski jackets with removable, faux-fur-lined hoods. Most include a powder skirt to seal in heat while keeping out excessive snow and wind. NILS ski jackets also often feature sizable, zippable pockets for phones, sunglasses and other personal items.
  • Pants: Don't settle for bulky, ill-fitting pants when you hit the trail. NILS ski pants are often mid-rise and multi-layered, and they feature four-way stretch fabric. They feature zippered gussets in the backs of the legs, and they all have gaiters with a lycra insert to shield from snow.
  • Layers: Keep yourself cozy underneath your shell jackets and fitted pants with comfortable T-shirts and leggings. Choose from quarter-zips, turtlenecks and crewnecks for shirts, which are all crafted with materials that feature natural wicking and anti-microbial properties. Leggings comfortably hug the body while remaining lightweight.
  • Sweaters: NILS sweaters are multifaceted, as you can utilize them as layers or as comfort wear for hanging around the lodge. They come in a variety of winter-oriented designs, from Nordic patterns to simple stripes. Choose from quarter-zips or crewnecks, as well as relaxed and slim fits.

Choose Buckman's Ski Shops for Your NILS Apparel

NILS is a massive retailer, so why choose to purchase their products from us?

The customer service staff at Buckman's Ski Shops has won numerous awards, as we know how to help customers of any experience level with their needs. In addition to knowledge, we offer convenience with free shipping on most orders more than $50 and a price-match guarantee.

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