Why Choose K2 Skis and Equipment?

First founded in 1962, K2 quickly made a name for itself by engineering groundbreaking fiberglass ski technology. This advanced design keeps K2 skis more light and lively than others. Since then, K2 has continued paving the way for lightweight and comfortable skis that push skiers to new heights. Above all, K2 is passionate about the sport and all who enjoy it.

Shop for K2 Skis at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

We carry many popular K2 skis — which means we offer some of the best skis in the business. Our line-up includes:

  • + Men's K2 skis: We carry some of the latest and greatest K2 skis for men, built with a range of terrains, flexes and sizes in mind. No matter how long you've been skiing or where you plan to ride, we've got a pair of skis for you.
  • + Women's K2 skis: Our K2 line-up doesn't stop at men's skis — we also offer a variety of skis designed for women. Whether you plan to stay on the groomers or are hoping to free ride in the backcountry, our versatile selection includes options for all levels of female skiers. Stick with what you know or try something bold and new — the K2 ski has the perfect pair for everyone.
  • + K2 ski boots: We carry men's and women's ski boots designed with signature K2 technology for increased comfort, added support and enhanced durability. Find the right fit, flex and size with our custom ski boot fitting.
  • + K2 ski accessories: From sturdy yet adjustable ski poles to men's K2 skis with bindings, find every finishing touch for an enjoyable ski adventure at Buckmans.com. Our ski accessories aren't additions to your trip — they're essentials. Find quality that will last the long haul with K2 equipment and supplies.

Why Shop for K2 Skis at Buckmans?

Browse and buy the best skis and equipment all in one convenient place when you shop at Buckmans.com. We've corralled the best winter sports equipment brands in the business to give you the ultimate options for your ski and snowboard adventures. We test products from every brand before selling them to ensure we only carry the equipment we can personally stand behind. You can count on K2 skis, ski gear and more to help keep you safe and enhance your snow sport experiences.

In addition to providing the best products, we also offer:

  • + Affordable prices: With our Price Match Guarantee, our customers can enjoy the lowest prices available for every single product. If you find a better price on any of our items, we'll match it, no questions asked.
  • + Free shipping: We offer free shipping on most orders in the US. 
  • + Convenient shopping: As an online retailer, we make it easy to shop from anywhere!
  • + Eco-friendly initiatives: We aim to stay green and preserve our beautiful planet through a recycling program, solar energy headquarters and energy-efficient lighting.

Purchase Your Skis Today Online at Buckman's Ski Shop

Get ready for an unforgettable winter when you stock up with the right skis, bindings, boots and apparel from Buckmans.com. We make it easy, so you can enjoy every moment of your skiing experience. Browse our full line of k2 ski equipment, and place your order online today. If you need any ski repairs or touch-ups, we can assist you with these, too — simply contact us and let us know how we can help!

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