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If you're a skiing enthusiast, you don't want a snowstorm — you want a Blizzard. When you're looking to up your skiing game and ride with products from a brand behind champion athletes, trust the Blizzard label. Blizzard manufactures men's and women's skis perfect for any skiing level.

Buy Blizzard skis with confidence from Do you have questions before you commit to your Blizzard ski purchase? Our knowledgeable service team can help you make the right decision.

Why Choose Blizzard for your Next Pair of Skis?

The Blizzard story began in Austria in 1945 when Tony Arnsteiner used his carpentry skills to create what would become the company's first ski model. Fast forward 13 years and the company took center stage when several professional skiers used Blizzard skis to snag medals at competitions.

From that point on, Blizzard became a favorite among elite skiers who wanted only the best equipment to show off their talents. Both male and female skiing headliners have made history with their Blizzard skis. At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Blizzard skis helped Mario Matt snag gold.

Even if you're not planning to take the world stage, you can still benefit from Blizzard's dedication to creating skis that do more than just get you where you want to go. They can energize your runs, making every ski trip a chance for memories.

Upgrade Yourself to Blizzard Skis

It can be challenging to know when to replace or upgrade your skis, especially if you're new to the sport. However, you can follow a few guidelines to help you recognize when it's time to search for another pair.

  • Did you purchase your original skis when you were a different height or weight? If your measurements have significantly changed, you may perform better on another set of skis.
  • Has your skiing become more sophisticated since you first bought your skis? If you went from bunny hills to black diamonds, you could feel like you're lagging behind the pack unless you switch up your ski gear.
  • Did you inherit your skis from someone else? Many times, people initially borrow or buy used skis until they get the hang of the sport. Those skis are great in the beginning but probably won't be the right choice for long.
  • Were your skis made more than 15 or 20 years ago? Even if they still get you down the mountainside, you'll be amazed at how much of a difference modern Blizzard skis for men and women can feel. Don't be surprised if you experience less fatigue, all thanks to Blizzard's precision engineering and design.

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