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Top 5 Accessories To Take On The Ski Slopes

Posted by Matt Gahman on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Before you hit the slopes this ski season, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got all the necessities. You think you’ve grabbed it all, but it only takes one run down the mountain to make you realize that a truly pleasant hillside experience is all in the little things. Period.

We’ve got the 5 essentials you’ll need for the slopes this season, from headgear to lift pass holders.


The ultimate companion during a day on the slopes are warmers of course. You want to be able to enjoy your time and not have to worry about cold fingers or toes- so why not grab some hand or foot warmers from Grabber. These are perfect for those little skiers and snowboarders as well, after all a kid who is cold is not a happy kid. So stock up on these and have more family time on the slopes.

Ski Pass Holder

Approaching the ski lift can be a pain, especially with gloves to remove, zippers to open, passes to find. Even worse, have you ever lost your ski pass, only to be discovered as you’re approaching the gondola? Spare yourself the agony of cold fingers or long lines at customer service; opt for a ski Pass holder. 

Our personal favorite is theArmband style, simply because it requires absolutely no effort. Simply strap outside of your jacket using its easily adjustable wide elastic - it’s perfect for lift passes, security clearance cards, or simply as an arm wallet.

Anti-Fog Goggle Spray

It only has to happen once – you’re working up some serious body heat and your goggles fog up. Nothing will immobilize you faster, or even worse, endanger you! Solve the problem before it can ever be an issue by using an anti-fog spray on your goggles and sunglasses. Despite its name, Cat Crap anti-fog treatment is one of the easiest and best products available.

Skin Care Products

One thing that many people often overlook when heading to the slopes is bringing some skin care products with them. From protecting your lips from being chapped to wind protection for your face, we carry a full line of skin care products to keep your skin well protected from the harsh elements.

Boot Ice Grips

You’ve ha a long, rewarding day on the hill and what’s the first thing you do? Take off your ski boots! Stay sturdy as you explore your selected mountain town with a pair of boot ice grips strapped to your shoes. You’ll feel more secure and ready for whatever the evening adventures bring you.

The Nordic Grip Miniis developed for those who don’t usually wear ice grips, with a low-key appearance and comfortable fit. It comes in a small and handy box that fits in your bag, purse, or jacket pocket, plus they’re very easy for the whole family to use - so you are always prepared if you encounter icy conditions.

Start Shopping for Accessories Today

Ensure your family doesn’t need to head home before lunchtime by packing these few small necessities. They’re easy, inexpensive, and are sure to keep your entire family comfortable while you play in the snow! Stop into one of our six retail locations or shop online.

See you on the slopes! 

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