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What is MIPS Helmet Technology?

Posted by Matt Gahman on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

As a skier or snowboarder, you have probably heard the term MIPS being used a lot lately when it comes to helmets. No question about it, we here at always advise wearing a helmet whenever hitting the slopes. Accidents can and do happen on the slopes and wearing a helmet can literally save your life. As technology advances, so does the protection and the gear we have at our disposal and thanks to the MIPS helmet technology- less and less serious head injuries are occurring on the slopes.

What exactly is MIPS?

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.  All MIPS helmets have three distinct components that work together in order to reduce the rotational forces to the brain in the event of an impact. These three layers include the interior foam liner, the attachment system and the low friction liner.  Helmets with the MIPS technology are designed to absorb impacts better by allowing the outer shell to rotate in order to redirect impact energy which helps to provide protection to your head. 

How does MIPS actually work?

While no two crashes or impacts are ever the same, most brain injuries occur from two main types of force. These forces are linear and rotational and it is important to note that the majority of brain injuries are due to a combination of these forces. Think of linear impacts as running into a tree when you are on the slopes. Linear impacts happen when your head is still in a straight line and you come to a sudden a stop. Rotational impacts occur when your head is at an angle when you come to a sudden stop.

With either of these impact scenarios, a helmet equipped with MIPS technology allows the helmet’s outer shell to slide relative to where you hit your head is impacted. By doing so, the rotational force is now decreased as the shell absorbed some of the impact, reducing the potential damage to your brain. The less impact energy that is transferred to your brain, the more protection from serious injury you have the potential to receive.

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See you on the slopes!

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