How to Clean, Dry & Store Ski Boots? How to Clean, Dry & Store Ski Boots?

How to Clean, Dry and Store Ski and Snowboard Boots

Posted by Matt Gahman on Monday, May 2, 2022

After spending hours researching, you have finally found the perfect ski or snowboard boots. You can't wait to throw them on and start carving down the mountain. It's as if you just got the keys to a brand new car — and now you're riding in style!

Your boots will inevitably experience the wear and tear that comes with flying down the slopes. However, learning how to care for ski boots by implementing good maintenance techniques will help your boots last for years to come. In this guide, we will cover several methods of caring for your ski and snowboard boots to keep them in prime condition.

How to Keep Boots and Liners Clean

You should consider taking a couple of minutes to clean your ski and snowboard boots and liners after each time you use them. This quick task is critical for preserving your boots in the long run.

Start the cleaning process by removing the liners and soles from your boots. Next, wipe away any dirt with a damp cloth. Washing machines may damage your liners, so you should check the instructions specific to your liner material to ensure you clean it correctly.

Another critical cleaning step is to wipe down the shell of your boots with a rag, water and mild detergent, like dish soap. Ensure you wash both the inside and outside sections to remove any dirt you find. Once you're finished, wipe your boots with a dry towel and set them upside down to dry.

How to Dry Ski and Snowboard Boots

Your boots are often exposed to sweat from your feet and water from snow that finds its way in throughout the day. An essential part of knowing how to maintain snowboard boots is understanding the best ways to thoroughly dry them, which will help prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Drying your ski and snowboard boots is essential, whether you have just finished cleaning them or you completed a long day of fun on the slopes. You can dry your boots by thoroughly wiping the shell, liner and insoles with a dry cloth, ensuring you have removed all the excess moisture. Then, place your boots in a dry area, away from any direct heat that may cause melting.

If you you really want to go the extra mile, consider investing in a boot dryer to speed up the drying process.

Preparing Your Boots for Storage

Once you've taken your final run of the year down the mountain, it's essential to prep your snow boots for storage after the season. This task will ensure you have clean ski and snowboard boots ready to go as soon as the next season begins.

Take the same steps as you would periodically throughout the season to clean your ski and snowboard boots, such as washing your shell inside and out and allowing your liners time to dry before storing. Once your boots are clean and dry, check for damage and make the needed repairs. We also recommend closing the buckles and tightening the laces to keep the boots in shape during the offseason.

It's critical to find a safe area with a consistent temperature to store your boots. Ski boot bags are great additions to protect your gear against damage from dust and animals that may want to make your boots their new home.

Also, it is important to maintain the shape of your ski boots shells while in storage. Do not leave your boot buckles open - be sure to fasten all buckles.

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