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Men's Softshell Jackets for Winter Activities

If you're looking for a warm and durable jacket to get you through the skiing season, Buckman's offers a great selection of reliable and protective softshell jackets. Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops is the place to find the best of the best. We are the cold-weather experts who provide you with brands and styles you can count on. Choose the brand, style and color you love, and get back to the slopes in no time!

Benefits of a Softshell Jacket

Everyone is familiar with hardshell jackets and their excellent protection. Try a different kind with the softshell jacket for skiing and snowboarding. The softshell jacket is a new and improved style that allows you to move more easily and stay warm. It's made with stretchy fabrics and fleece to keep you comfortable while protecting you from the harsh winds and melting snow.

The material has proven to last longer than hardshell jackets, and many people experience more warmth with a softshell, which lets them stay outdoors for extended periods. Other benefits of a men's softshell jacket include:

  • Comfort: All softshell jackets have a soft and stretchy material. Additionally, most softshells come with a fleece lining, which provides the body with the softness and warmth it needs to stay healthy in freezing weather.
  • Mobility: Hardshell jackets earned the term "hardshell" from their stiff yet protective fabrics. Softshells offer protection with stretchy fabrics that move with your body instead of restricting it. Because of its stretch, the softshell is harder to tear and subsequently lasts longer.
  • Air permeability: Softshell jackets have a stretchy material and lack a waterproof membrane. Combining these two factors results in a jacket that releases body heat during high-intensity activities, allowing you to breathe easily during strenuous sports and movement.
  • Price: Softshells are typically less expensive than hardshells because they have a different purpose. Hardshells protect you from the most severe wet weather all day long, while your softshell is your best friend for snowboarding and skiing activities.

Brands of Softshell Jackets for Men

Various styles and fabric combinations are available for men's softshell snowboard jackets. Buckman's strives to offer a stylish and reliable variety of options. These jackets come with comfortable, soft fabrics and convenient mobility. It's up to you to determine which make, style and color will fit your fashion. You'll find several highly praised and dependable brands at Buckman's, such as:

Choose a jacket from the brand that works for your wallet and style.

Choose Buckman's for Your Winter Clothes and Supplies

Buckman's is a family-owned and operated company that puts the customer and their satisfaction first. We are passionate about skiing, snowboarding and having fun with friends and family, and this passion drives everything we do. The gear we carry and the services we offer reflect our love for the outdoors. Whether you order online or visit one of our locations, you can expect excellent customer service and a selection of high-quality products.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping and find the best softshell jacket for yourself today!