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Snowboard Stomp Pads

Riding down the hillsides of a mountain is a great way to escape the chaos of daily life. However, if you are new to riding or feel like you need extra stability when your feet are not securely strapped in place, you need a tool you can trust. Enter snowboard stomp pads. A stomp pad or stomp mat is a sticker that adheres to your board's surface, near the snowboard bindings.

They come in many shapes, styles and colors and help you stay balanced while also expressing your personality. Shop our stomp pads to find a pair that works for you!

What Is a Stomp Pad?

A stomp pad is a snowboard boot grip. Whenever you are not riding and one of your boots is out of its binding, you can trust a stomp pad's grip to give you a place to step. The rubber provides enough friction for your body to lean on while you converse with friends, fix your winter gear, or hop off the lift. Whatever you're doing, the right stomp pad will help.

They are also easy to apply. Thanks to the grip's sticker-like structure, all you have to do is adhere the sticky side to your clean, dry board. Some boards have a texture your boot can rely on, but a stomp pad's grip is undeniable.

Benefits of Stomp Pads

One significant advantage of stomp pads is their price. Generally, for less than 10 dollars you can keep yourself upright and well balanced on the slopes. Buckman's also carries various sizes, shapes, brands and colors. Match your board with a set of pink heart stomp pads or a signature Burton stomp sticker.

You also get the added benefit of having steady control of the board even though just one foot is in its binding. For example, getting off the chairlift is a lot easier when you have one foot free. Snowboard step pads are also helpful if snow piles up on the bottom of your boot. You can easily scrape it off with the help of your mat.

Other Grippy Accessories

We offer more than boot grip stickers for your board. We also provide grab rail stickers. Typically made of foam, these features used to be man's best friend back in the 1980s. Now, they are making a comeback. For epic jumps and twists, keep a solid grip on your board by sticking these rails along the edges between your boot bindings.

If you have your phone on you during your snowboarding time, you can also look into phone traction. It keeps your device safe in hand even with the snow affecting your gloves.

Shop With Us Online or In-Store

If you're looking to spruce up your board while getting more control and stability, buy a stomp pad. You can keep your boots clear of snow and avoid clumsy falls.

Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops is family-owned and operated. We choose only the best of the best products so you can enjoy winter sports with your family. If you are searching for stomp pads that give you support, trust us to have the ones you need.

Start shopping our stomp pads today, and reach out to us with any questions!