Burton is bringing back their new Step On Entry System for the upcoming snowboarding season. An essential component that every avid winter sports enthusiast must have are the Burton Step On Bindings, which easily connect with the Step On Boots. With a simple step and click, you're ready to ride. These incredible products are now available for sale at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops — one of the few retailers to sell them.

With Burton Step On Bindings, you no longer have to worry about adjusting your buckle or tightening up the ratchet at the top of the lift. No more awkward bending over or sitting down to secure your bindings. The Burton Step On Bindings eliminate all the fuss.

Although similar to the technology used for traditional strap buckles, the Step On Bindings do not need straps. They allow the boots to effortlessly lock into place, keeping you safe and secure. To use them, be sure you have the Burton Step On Boots, which include a heel cleat that you simply click into the binding's heel clip. Once that clicks into place, you'll press your toes into the toe cleats, and you're ready to start shredding those slopes.

Features of Burton Step On Bindings

Although they look like traditional bindings, you may notice that the Burton Step On Bindings lack ankle and toe straps. Even without these, the bindings provide a secure fit that keeps you in place even better than traditional snowboard bindings.

Burton Step On Bindings also include a few distinctive features:

  • Three Connection Points: Burton Step On Bindings secure to the Step On Boots at three points, offering added security. There are two by the toe and one at the heel. Besides safety, this allows you to experience exceptional board control.
  • Toe Hooks: Two of these are found on the front of each Burton Step On Binding baseplate and lock the toe cleats into place. A specialized hinge allows riders to step on or off the binding in one fluid motion.
  • Heel Buckle: This has the same function as the ratchet buckle on conventional bindings. However, the heel buckle allows riders to smoothly lock themselves in.
  • Release Lever: Found on the heelcup of the binding, this lever enables you to step out of your bindings as easily as you stepped in.

Here is what some of our snowboard shop employees are saying about Burton Step On:

"I love the convenience that Step On offers, yet it feels exactly like what we are used to. The Step On eliminates wasted time at the top of the lift sitting down and strapping in but feels no different then the snowboard boots and bindings I have been riding. This is the first quick entry snowboard binding I have ever ridden that does not sacrifice any performance for convenience."
CJ Smith

Snowboard Shop Manager

Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

"Agreed! Built like non other. The feeling of riding straps with the convenience is just next level. Step on has you saving time in and out with the same feeling we all are accustomed to. After spending 25+ years snowboarding and 20 years in the business, Burton Step On will pave my future in snowboarding for sure."

Joe Palaia

Lead Snowboard Buyer

Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

Burton Step On

Benefits of Burton Step On Bindings

When used in conjunction with Burton Step On Boots, the Step On Bindings are safe, simple, and extremely secure. Plus, snowboarders have found tons of other benefits which they love:

  • Snug fit with the corresponding Step On Boots
  • Keeps boots locked into place and eliminates boot movement
  • No need to bend or sit down to secure your boots to the bindings
  • Compatible with all mounting systems currently available
  • Just as safe as traditional bindings

Burton Step On Bindings Available at Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops

As avid snowboarders and skiers, the Buckman's team knows great gear. That's why we're excited about Burton's 2020 line of Step On Bindings and Boots for men, women, and youth.

We also carry a huge variety of other products, including apparel, accessories, and all the gear you'll need for a day of fun on the slopes. Our customers mean everything to us, which is why we pride ourselves on exceptional service and a few other benefits we know you'll appreciate:

  • Shopping With Convenience: You can visit us at one of our seven locations right here in Pennsylvania or online at Buckmans.com.
  • Price-Match Guarantee: We're so confident our prices can't be beat that if you find it cheaper elsewhere, we will match the price.
  • Free Shipping: If you order over $50 worth of merchandise we'll give you free shipping on most orders.
  • Green Initiative: Loving the outdoors goes hand-in-hand with protecting the environment, which is why we've implemented eco-friendly practices in the way we do things at Buckman's.

Don't let winter sneak up on you! Get ready by ordering your Burton Step On Bindings. But don't forget to order them along with the Burton Step On Boots. These two elements work together to give you a convenient, comfortable, and safe snowboarding experience. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!