Bent Metal Logic Binding - Men'sCLEARANCE

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Color:  Black
Size:  Medium
Item#: BEN-20BN004, Mfg#: 20BN004, Season: 2020-2021  
Gender Men

Designed for Men

Snowboard Terrain Park and Pipe

This rider will find their way to the Freestyle side of the mountain. Playful with lots of response.

Flex Soft / Medium

Cant No

Bent Metal Men's Bindings

Dynamic freestyle integration. Our softest flex control combination of a Urethane Highback and Bi-Axial fiber Drive Plates allows you maximum freedom of movement in freestyle terrain and unrestrained flow in powder or smooth groomers. The Logic lets you push yourself to the edge but always come back to center and ride it out.

  • BLACK - 3-D LOGO
    The earth is round, the trail is steep, the features are featured. In other words this dimension is 3 dimensional and these BMBW Logic are ready for all of them, maybe more...
    Sean Genovese puts the gnar in narwhal for this year’s nautical themed BMBW Logic. The translucent blue urethane high back lights up in the shallows and get’s dark in the deep, pairing nicely with waders or even a survival suit. For all the salty dogs, shred mariners and park slayers busting tricks on the slime line, heading off around the horn, hiking after the lifts close and swapping fish stories later over a crusty pilot bread, this is for you.
    Nick Russian’s kinetic energy and bold pallet come to life as serpents weaving through the geometries of a red oil painted plane. The raw aluminum heel cup and buckles tie this Logic together beautifully.

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