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Keep your money and bank cards secure with this slim travel wallet to prevent thieves from stealing personal information. Wear it around your neck or under clothing to keep it hidden from would-be pickpockets with two zip compartments.

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Clever Deception
Posted by Chris B (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/25/2018

Pros: Anti theft design
Cons: You have to wear it

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So when you think about it, pickpockets typically look to steal from those who look like they have something to lose. With a wallet like this, no thief in their right mind would think you would have anything of value to pluck. This extraordinarily bland wallet serves as the perfect deterrent for the average well mannered criminal. After all, when have you ever seen a thief in a movie go after something like this?

neck wallet
Posted by caren (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/6/2017

Pros: can be worn around your neck or put in a pocket

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great wallet when you want to keep your money, credit card and Id in a lightweight safe place. no need to carry a bulky wallet. I use this wallet all year round. Throw it in my beach bag, when im walking the dog etc