Women's Insulated Jackets

If you are looking for a soft mid layer or top layer for cold days on the slopes, a women's insulated waterproof jacket is just what you need. With comfortable materials like fleece and insulating technology to keep dreary weather away, you can make your expedition comfortable and fun. Buckman's dedicates itself to offering quality jackets from highly rated brands with durable sporting gear, all built for your outdoor winter activities — whether you're skiing or snowboarding.

Shop our line of insulated jackets and pick the style, print and material that works best for your future adventures!

A Quick Guide to Insulated Jackets

Insulated jackets are coats filled with an insulating material that keeps you warm without weighing you down. There are three primary insulation materials: synthetic insulation, down insulation and a blending of the two. Synthetic insulation consists of artificial materials like poly-fibers that mimic natural down materials used in down insulation. Down insulation is a natural material from birds that brands typically source ethically.

Both materials are incredibly effective at keeping you warm. Whichever insulation you get with your jacket, you know it will keep you warm in cold weather. The insulation works by trapping your body heat, keeping your core toasty even if it is frigid outside.

These jackets have grown more sophisticated, too. Instead of adding in puffy insulation, companies and brands have reduced the puffy look while maintaining heat control. Now, you can wear a puffy insulated jacket for your snowboarding adventures or don a thinner insulated version as a layer beneath your waterproof coat. Whatever you choose, you'll be comfortable and cozy.

Various Brands and Styles

Buckman's has numerous women's insulated snowboard and ski jackets for any style or fit. You can explore our outerwear in bright and bold colors and comfortable fits, whether you want a bold, vivid look or are searching for something softer to take to the slopes.

Buckman's has countless options for durable and comfortable winter weather outfits, whether you like fitted or loose coats and patterns or solid colors. The choices are boundless when you go with our company when stocking up on winter gear. We always want to give our customers a large selection so they can choose jackets they'll love and count on in cold weather.

Brands we carry include:

Why Shop at Buckman's?

At Buckman's, we bring the best quality gear and apparel together so you can enjoy winter activities with your loved ones. All of our Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops locations are family-owned and operated, which means you receive personalized attention when you shop with us. Our award-winning team will work with you until you are pleased with the gear you've chosen to take to the slopes. Expect the best customer service whenever you buy our products, whether you shop online or in stores.

Browse our available insulated jackets today and choose one that will keep you warm this winter!