Best Winter Jackets for Ski and Snowboard Season

Posted by Matt Gahman on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The ski and snowboard season is upon us. Are you prepared? Wearing proper apparel is crucial for a safe and successful excursion. In addition to snow pants, thick socks and gloves or mittens, you need a proper winter jacket. Our guide explains what to look for in a snow jacket and suggests some of the best ski and snowboard jackets for the whole family.

What to Look for in a Skiing or Snowboarding Jacket

You want a jacket that looks great and suits your style. But when choosing a ski or snowboard jacket, consider these factors before making your purchase.


Waterproof jackets keep you dry — and therefore, warm — throughout your trip. Although there are a few differences between a waterproof jacket and a water-resistant one, the purpose is the same — to keep moisture out.

One factor to look for when evaluating a jacket for its water resistance is how the seams are constructed. Fully sealed seams are the best way to ensure water does not soak past your outer layer.


insulated jackets are an added layer of warmth and weather protection when skiing 

An insulated jacket is not a requirement, but many skiers and snowboarders prefer the added layer of warmth and weather protection. Common materials used in jacket insulation are fleece, down or synthetic fabric.

Shell jackets refer to snow jackets with an outer layer of fabric meant to protect you from the elements. There are hardshell and softshell jackets. You can wear insulated or noninsulated shell jackets.

Hardshell is made from firm, durable fabric and may or may not be insulated. Hardshell jackets are usually waterproof. Softshell fabric is more flexible and typically lined.


A jacket with efficient breathability helps maintain your body sweat while you are active on the slopes. The best winter jackets will also be lightweight.

Size and Fit

Make sure you choose a snow jacket in the correct size, including fit. Your range of motion is essential in snow sports, so a proper, flexible fit around the arms and torso is critical.

Additional Features

Many jackets are equipped with additional features to enhance your experience. Some popular choices are jackets with a hood, powder skirt or extra pockets for your goggles and other accessories. The amount of features you want in a jacket is entirely up to you. 

Top Ski Jackets for the Whole Family

A high-quality ski jacket is essential for hitting the slopes. Here are some of the best ski and snowboard jackets for the whole family:

The North Face Descendit Jacket - Women's

If you're searching for new ski and snowboard jackets for women, The North Face Descendit Jacket is a top choice. You'll ride in style while staying warm in this beautiful Balsam green jacket with cream and pink floral details.

Made with breathable, waterproof fabric, The North Face Descendit Jacket keeps you dry in any weather. The jacket is also made with lightweight Heatseeker Eco insulation for the perfect balance of warmth and mobility.

Additional product features include:

  • Removable hood compatible with helmets.
  • Removable, snap-down powder skirt.
  • Wrist gaiters with thumbholes.
  • Internal pockets for goggles and electronics.

Helly Hansen Juniper 3.0 Insulated Jacket - Men's

The Helly Hansen Juniper 3.0 Insulated Jacket is one of the bestselling ski jackets for men. It doubles as a stylish city jacket and a fully equipped, high-performance ski jacket.

Made with HELLY TECH® Performance structured fabric, this jacket is waterproof and breathable. It also uses innovative H2Flow insulation technology to hold warmth when you need it and release it when you don't.

Other product features include:

  • Detachable, adjustable hood.
  • Articulated sleeves for easy movement.
  • Dual hand-warming pockets.
  • Internal pockets for goggles and electronics.

Helly Hansen Alphelia LifaLoft Jacket - Women's

The Helly Hansen Alphelia LifeLoft Jacket is a must-have for women who can't get enough of the slopes. This lightweight jacket is made with LifeLoft™ insulation to keep you warm without adding bulk. You'll look great and feel comfortable in your Alphelia LifeLoft Jacket, thanks to its stylish, fitted silhouette and breathable fabric.

The Alphelia LifeLoft also features many thoughtful extras, including:

  • Detachable hood compatible with virtually any helmet.
  • Life Pocket+ lined with Aerogel® insulation to protect your electronics.
  • Additional hand-warming pockets.
  • Chest pockets with goggle shammy.

Quiksilver Sycamore Jacket - Men's

The Quicksilver Sycamore Jacket for men gives you the warmth, style, convenience and performance you need on the slopes. Made with Quiksilver's 10K DryFlight® technology, the Sycamore will keep you dry hour after hour, regardless of the weather. This jacket also features Quiksilver's super-warm, highly breathable Warmflight® Eco Insulation and premium lining materials that strategically map your body.

Additional jacket features include:

  • 3-way adjustable hood.
  • Internal pockets for goggles and electronics.
  • Hand-warming pockets.
  • Mesh-lined underarm vents.

ROXY Presence Parka Jacket - Women's

The ROXY Presence Parka Jacket is a stylish, feature-packed jacket for women. Equipped with waterproof technology and warm but lightweight insulation, the Presence Parka keeps you dry and comfortable while maintaining a consistent temperature.

This tailored jacket also includes thoughtful features, like an adjustable high collar made with ROXY HydroSmart technology to protect your neck and comfortable shoulder pleats for extended rotation. What's more, the Presence Parka helps you stay organized on the slopes with pockets for warming your hands, storing your phone and protecting your pass.

Other extras include:

  • Adjustable hood.
  • Jacket-to-pants attachment system.
  • Wrist gaiters with thumbholes.
  • Snap-away powder skirt.

Spyder Lola Jacket - Toddler Girl's

The Spyder Lola Jacket is just what your child needs to stay warm and feel confident on the slopes. This spunky jacket comes in several fun patterns your child is sure to love. It also features a removable faux fur hood compatible with virtually any ski helmet.

Parents love the Spyder Lola Jacket because it leaves room for kids to grow, with sleeves that extend by 1.5 inches when you release the stitch. You can rest assured knowing your child is warm and dry in their Spyder Lola Jacket, thanks to its high-quality waterproofing, insulation and elastic sleeve cuffs.

Additional jacket features include:

  • Snap-away powder skirt.
  • Internal pocket for goggles.
  • Data card pocket.
  • Chest pockets.

Obermeyer Taja Print Jacket - Teen Girl's

The Obermeyer Taja Print Jacket is a bestselling ski jacket for teen girls, thanks to its playful design, faux suede trim, tailored fit and high-tech materials. Your teen will love the way it looks, and you'll appreciate all the features it offers to keep your child safe and comfortable.

This jacket uses unique Full-Motion articulation technology that allows unrestricted movement while ensuring your teen stays warm. It also features advanced seam-sealing and waterproof fabrics to keep moisture out while retaining the perfect amount of heat.

You and your teen are sure to appreciate the jacket's interior electronics pocket that protects their phone and electronic devices.

The Obermeyer Taja Print Jacket comes complete with extras like:

  • Accessory ring.
  • Scratch-free goggle cloth.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Fleece chin protector.

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