Crab Grab Scromper

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Gender Unisex

Designed for All

Part scraper, part stomp pad, The Scromper will be your back foot’s new best friend. Developed with guidance from Bryan Fox The Scromper just might be the perfect traction solution. It removes the snow from your boot treads before strapping, and keeps your foot locked in place when your back foot is unstrapped. It scrapes. It stomps. It scromps!

When you don't scrape the snow off the bottom of your boot you develop an uncomfortable layer of ice chunks between your foot and your binding. This leads to foot fatigue, pressure points, and loss of board control. In some instances this can lead to lower leg discomfort, sore knees, misaligned hips, and lower back pain. An unscrapped boot can cause foot distortion, including corns, hammer toes, bunions, toe nail fungus, and webbed feet. Other side effects may include shin splints, varicose veins, hernias, irritable bowel syndrome, loose stool, and aggressive diarrhea. Some unscrapped boot users may experience mild dizziness, loss of appetite, slight nausea, lack of powder days, loss of friendship, and uncontrollable night terrors. Bottom line, get The Scromper, scrape your boot, and enjoy your life.

NOTE: This statement was not verified by a doctor (or any reasonably intelligent human).

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