Crab Grab Offers Unique Snowboard Gear

In Crab Grab's own words, they're obsessed with keeping you from slipping — and it shows in every product they create. Specialty rubber foam grab rails and traction pads keep snowboarders and skiers exactly where they want to be, while mittens and snug winter gear help keep your body warm and agile.

Founded by a couple of avid snowboarders in Oregon, Crab Grab was born to help make snow sports easier and more fun. Their innovative design for stomp pads and grab rails spread like wildfire and is now used by skiers and snowboarders across the nation.

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Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops carries a diverse range of Crab Grab supplies designed to help snowboarders and skiers stay cozy, warm and most of all, slip-free on the slopes. Our selection includes:

  • Crab Grab snowboard accessories: Crab Grab stomp pads and foam rails can improve your game exponentially. We offer a variety of sizes and styles, each uniquely designed to offer unmatched grip and traction for a smooth yet lightweight ride.

  • Crab Grab mittens and gloves: Insulated mittens for both men and women keep your fingers toasty even after hours in the snow. Designed to be water-resistant yet breathable, Grab Grab gloves and mittens are a must-have for an outdoor expedition. Each mitten offers its own array of features, such as tacky touch palms and traction pads to enhance wearers' control.

  • Crab Grab layers: A range of base, mid and casual layers, such as tees and hoodies, gives you the chance to rock a signature Crab Grab style on the slopes.

The Benefits of Shopping Winter Sports Equipment at

Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops is a family-owned ski shop that's got local written all over it. We're avid snowboarders and skiers who have a passion for helping people enjoy the Great Outdoors. To make it easier for you, we've compiled equipment from the best brands in the business. We only sell products we've tested and trust so that you can enjoy top-of-the-line products with a mom-and-pop store feeling. When you shop at, enjoy perks like:

  • Convenient online shopping: As an online retailer, you can shop big-name brands from the comfort of your home. We also have seven convenient locations that you can pick up orders from!

  • Affordable rates: We know that accumulating your own high-quality winter gear can be a costly investment. We strive to make sure equipment is as accessible as possible, with our guaranteed price match for the lowest price for any product. We also offer free shipping on most online orders totaling over $50.

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Whether you've been snowboarding or skiing for decades or are just diving into winter sports, added traction can help enhance everybody's experience. A series of fun, crab-themed grips, stomp pads and grab rails offer extra traction and support to keep you right where you want to be. Ready for a no-fuss, no-slip adventure? Order your Crab Grab snowboard gear from today!

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