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Check our our list of frequently asked questions below:

General Info

+ Where is your contact information?

+ How do I track the progress of my order?
Click this link to log in to your account. Once you are logged in, you can check on your order status, see your Buckman's Bucks balance, and manage your wish list.

Shipping and Return Info

+ Where is your shipping policy and how long does shipping take?
View our expedited shipping options, time-in-transit map, and our shipping guidelines.

+ Does Buckmans.com ship internationally?
Yes, we do, but there are some things you need to know first...

+ How do I return an item that I ordered online?

+ Do you ship to PO Boxes?
Yes (for most items). Please select the US Postal Service for all orders being shipped to a PO Box. Large items like skis, snowboards, sleds and some bags cannot be shipped to a PO box. In these cases, you will need to select UPS.

+ I want to buy something but the site says it does not qualify for free shipping. Why is that?
Certain items cannot be shipped under our free shipping policy because of the item's weight and/or larger dimensions. In order to ship the item, we need to charge a shipping fee to be able to ship the item safely and securely. Some bargain items and select items in our clearance department do not qualify for free shipping. These items will be marked.

+ My order is under $50. How will I be charged?
Regular Ground rates will be charged for all orders under $50.

+ An item I bought from your website is now on sale, can a get the new sale price?
Buckmans.com will honor a new sale price as long as the order in question was placed within 10 days of the current sale. This will be done by issuing a site credit. All site credits will be issued in the form of a gift code that will be emailed to your account's primary email address.

Promotions Restrictions

+ What are your promotional terms and restrictions?

Retail Stores FAQs

+ What are your rental rates?

+ Where are your retail stores?

+ Can online purchases be returned to the retail stores?
No - for security reasons, our retails stores do not have access to your billing or payment information. Please do not return items to our retail stores.

Items that were purchased in one of our retail stores should be returned to our stores (October-March) and should not be sent to our online returns center or our corporate offices.