Established in Canada in 1989, SKI KEY SYSTEMS has since become a go-to source for convenient and quality-made ski and snowboard locks. The brand's founder, Jacques Beaudoin, was the pioneer of the sought-after ski locking system that's now used today.

Twenty years later, SKI KEY opened a U.S. branch to expand its reach — and today, its lock and key systems are used by resorts across the country. Having built a reputation as the most trusted way to secure equipment, SKI KEY supplies are a must-have to keep your equipment safe and ready for the slopes.

Why Buy Ski and Snowboard Locks?

Whether you're heading to the mountain for the day or planning a week-long trip at a resort, you won't be on your skis or snowboard every moment of the day. When you've invested in expensive equipment, you want to be sure it's safe and sound while you're out of sight. Ski and snowboard locks are an easy way to ensure peace of mind while you leave your gear behind to grab lunch, take a restroom break or go on a walk.

Ski locks are designed for your convenience. They're easy to quickly snap on and off as many times as you need throughout the day. A typical SKI KEY lock just takes a moment to put together — all you need to do is put the lock in place between the tails of your skis, or between the bindings of your snowboard. When you're ready to unlock and get venture back out again, just use your key, and the ski lock should pop right open.

Once you've invested in your own skis or snowboards, a ski lock is a small addition that can make a major difference. Browse our selection and purchase your own SKI KEY lock from Buckmans.com today.

Three Benefits of Buying Your Ski Key Lock From Buckmans.com

Why buy a SKI KEY lock — and the rest of your winter sports equipment — from Buckman's Ski and Snowboard Shops? We have three big reasons for you:

  • + Unmatched expertise: At Buckmans.com, we live and breathe skiing and snowboarding. As a family-owned local business with a team of technicians on staff, we're passionate about winter sports and want to share our expertise with every customer. From assistance with choosing the right equipment to ski and snowboard repair services, we are here to help.
  • + Quality products: Our selection includes only items from the finest brands in the industry. Because we test every product before carrying it, you can count on high-quality, durable and reliable gear when you shop at Buckmans.com.
  • + Affordable prices: In an effort to make winter sports and apparel accessible, we go above and beyond to help you save when you shop. From discounts and deals to free shipping on most orders over $50, we strive to offer the best deals. We're also committed to providing the lowest price possible with our guaranteed price match.

Purchase Your Ski Key Snowboard Lock

Keep your skis and snowboards safe from theft with the most trusted lock in the industry. Stock up on your SKI KEY locks, available online in a variety of colors. Browse our full selection and purchase yours today!

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