youth 'must haves' for this season youth 'must haves' for this season

Youth Outerwear Must-Haves for the Ski and Snowboard Season

Posted by Matt Gahman on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

It’s that time of the year again! As we feel the temperature start to drop, we know that ski and snowboard season is just around the corner. Make sure your family is well-prepared for the snow and the cold with the right ski and snowboard youth apparel for the 2021-2022 season.

If you’re not exactly sure what outerwear is needed for each family member or what the best youth apparel for ski season is, we’re here to help you! Take a look at the top youth outerwear must-haves for ski and snowboard season.

Ski and Snowboard Outerwear: Burton One Piece Snow Suit for Toddlers

The number one must-have outerwear item for your toddler this ski and snowboard season is definitely a Burton one piece. Not only will your little one look absolutely adorable in this one piece, but it’s also waterproof and includes head-to-toe insulation to ensure that they stay warm, dry and cozy at all times. Apart from the many different colors and patterns it comes in, the onesie also has a removable contour hood, allowing for even more versatility.

The Burton one piece snow suit is designed specifically for toddlers. It ensures child-friendly ease of getting in and out of it, has anti-scuff cuffs, reinforced seat and knees and waistband adjustment for ultimate comfort. The one-piece is built with a room-to-grow system, which allows you to extend the length of the sleeves and the legs by 1 1/2 inches. This feature helps keep up with your toddler’s rapid growth spurts and makes it an even more cost-effective outerwear item for this coming ski and snowboard season.

Ski and Snowboard Outerwear: Spyder Lola Jacket - Toddler Girl’s

In addition to the cute must-have Burton one piece for toddlers, another essential piece for the ski and snowboard season is the Spyder Lola Jacket. As any parent would know, you can never possibly have enough warm fleece jackets in winter, especially for toddlers! What makes the Spyder Lola Jacket different from other fleece jackets, however, is its waterproof coating and power skirt to help keep out the cold weather and elements. The jacket’s insulation is moderate, ensuring warmth while allowing easy and comfortable movement for your toddler.

Like the one-piece, the Spyder Lola Jacket also includes the room-to-grow feature, allowing the sleeves to be extended by an extra 1 1/2 inch when you release the stitch. It also includes a removable hood with a detachable faux fur trim and inner hood gaiter, as well as elasticized cuffs with an attachment for mittens or gloves. Regardless of whether your family spends most of the season in the snowy mountains, the Spyder Lola Jacket is a must-have for layering and keeping your toddler warm and comfy this winter!

Ski and Snowboard Outerwear: Columbia Buga II Snowsuit – Youth

When considering the best youth apparel for snowboarding season, you must consider a proper, high-quality snowsuit. One of the most popular snowsuits for children is the Columbia Buga II Snowsuit. This youth-sized snowsuit fits boys and girls and is a must-have item for any child who loves skiing or snowboarding. The suit is available in different colors and has a removable hood, so that your child can customize it according to their personal preference or style.

Columbia Buga 2 Snowsuit

Due to the fact that it’s made specifically to be worn in the coldest weather conditions, it includes a variety of features to ensure the ultimate comfort of your little one. The Columbia Buga II Snowsuit is made from an engineered material to make it waterproof and breathable. It also includes maximum, yet lightweight, insulation with a seam-sealed design to avoid any cold air or wetness from entering the snowsuit. The extendable hem and cuffs allow the suit to grow with your little one over multiple seasons. Because of this, it is definitely one of the must-have youth apparel items for your kids this season.

Ski and Snowboard Outerwear: Columbia Buga II Snowsuit – Infant

Because no one should be left out of the snow fun this season, no matter how little they are. That’s why the Columbia Buga II Snowsuit is an excellent option for infants and toddlers. It offers most of the same amazing features as the Columbia Buga II Snowsuit for children. Some of these features include waterproof, 150g insulation in a completely seam-sealed construction for guaranteed warmth and dryness, as well as the ability to grow with your little one due to the cuffs and hem being extendable. It also has a hammerhead reinforced seat, knees and cuff guards, and an elastic waistband for exceptional added comfort for toddlers. Make sure your infant or toddler stays toasty this ski season with this snowsuit.

Ski and Snowboard Outerwear: Obermeyer Taja Print Jacket - Teen Girl’s

When it comes to your teenage daughter and deciding on the best youth apparel for ski season, it can be a tricky task for a parent. As much as outerwear primarily needs to be practical and effective, teenagers also tend to care a little bit more about how the apparel looks, compared to your younger ones. As a result, finding the balance between the two can become challenging. Fortunately, the Obermeyer Taja Print Jacket is specifically designed for teenage girls and is the perfect solution to your problem.

With its waterproof material, powder skirt and 160gm insulation, rest assured, it will deliver on its promise to keep your teen warm, dry, and comfortable in the coldest possible weather. But in addition to that, it also offers a stylish design with faux suede trim, shaped cuffs and hems. The Obermeyer Taja Print Jacket is also available in a selection of bold and colorful prints for your teenager to choose from. It’s also designed to include zippered hand warmer pockets for those extra chilly days, so your teen stays warm.

This jacket also features an electronics compartment on the inside of the coat for a phone or other device, which your teenager will love!

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