What Do I Need to Know When I Take My Kids Skiing?

Posted by Matt Gahman on Friday, March 4, 2016

Wondering if the time is now to get those little one’s out and on the slopes? Skiing as a family can be a very enjoyable time and can

create lifelong memories. Making sure that your little ones are properly prepared will make all the difference between a great day or a miserable day on the slopes. 

Keep them warm and dry

All parents know that a cold kid is an unhappy kid. If your child gets wet, they will get cold which means your day on the slopes will

quickly come to an end. Your best defense against this is to ensure that you have the proper gear for your little one. It is always better to have more layers than you need, as you can always shed some layers and store them at the lodge. A proper ski outfit consists of a ski jacket, insulated, waterproof and breathable ski pants, base layers, ski socks, an insulating layer such as a fleece, a neck

gaiter and mittens or gloves. A pair of googles is always a good idea as well. On those especially cold days consider having some warmers for feet and hands as well.  We also recommend that everyone in your family should wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding. At Buckmans.com, we carry a full selection of kids ski apparel for kids of all ages and sizes. If you live in Eastern PA, swing by any of our six retail locations and our expert staff will be glad to assist you or contact our online customer service team

Proper ski equipment: To rent or buy?

Owning your own gear is more convenient for most adults, but renting for the season can be a good option for your children. If you are

unsure if your child will enjoy skiing or perhaps they may want to switch to snowboarding,  then renting could be the way to go. They also grow so fast at a young age that it can be cost-prohibitive to invest in purchasing products as they learn and grow. When you rent from Buckmans.com you will enjoy state of art equipment that is tuned, wax and ready to go. You will also save time at the mountain by

coming with your rentals already in tow. Our team of experts will properly fit your child to their rental so that all they have to do is hit the slopes.  Generally speaking, kids can get two seasons out of their skis, poles and boots depending on their age and growth of course. If you plan to spend a lot of time on the slopes or have a child that you can then pass them down to, buying could be your best choice here. Keep in mind that every year, four of our ski shops offer  a tent sale in early October. If you are local, this gives you the best chance to sell your kids used gear and receive store credit for new gear. The Buckman’s tent sale and swap is also a great way to pick up great gear at a great price. 

Teach them yourself or send to ski school?

Probably one of the biggest dilemmas parents face is the decision to teach the kids to ski or send them to ski school. No matter what

option you feel is best for your family just keep in mind that learning to ski should be fun. From indulging in an afternoon hot chocolate treat to incorporating a rewards system- the bottom line is that your kids should be having as much fun as you are!

Skiing is a great way to spend time with your family, plus it kids them exercising in the great outdoors and builds lifelong memories

together. As a locally owned family-owned and oriented ski and snowboard shop, we understand the importance of family time on the slopes. Feel free to stop in to any of our Philadelphia area retail locations to grab any gear you may need as well as pick up some discount lift tickets. Let us know how your day was on the slopes with your family!

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