top skiing locations in PA top skiing locations in PA

Top Skiing Locations in Pennsylvania

Posted by Matt Gahman on Thursday, October 28, 2021

Knowing where to ski in Pennsylvania is an art that requires a mastery of geography and in-depth regional research to create a Pennsylvania ski resorts map...or, you could skip these steps and use the list below as your ultimate guide to skiing in Pennsylvania.

If you want to discover where to hit the slopes, use this list as your go-to on where to ski in Pennsylvania. Whether you're new to winter sports, an avid downhill thrill-seeker, or a long-time cross-country enthusiast, keep reading to find the best ski resorts in Pennsylvania. So here we no particular order:

1. Laurel Mountain Ski Resort

If you're a skiing veteran looking for a challenge, Laurel Mountain Ski Resort has you covered. Located in the beautiful Laurel Mountain State Park, this iconic ski resort is best known for its double diamond Lower Wildcat Slope — the steepest drop on the Laurel Ridge with a nearly 60% slope. The mountain features exhilarating trails designed by Johann "Hannes" Schneider, an Austrian skiing legend credited with developing the modern alpine ski technique.

The resort opened in 1940 and still boasts some of its original structures, including the historical Midway Cabin. Along with stunning slopes and structures, here are the basics of what you'll enjoy at Laurel Mountain Ski Resort:

  • Location: Ligonier, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 20
  • Lifts: 2
  • Vertical: 761 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Advanced

2. Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Consisting of over 330 acres of scenic landscape in the Lehigh Valley, the Bear Creek Mountain Resort offers skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. Bear Creek offers visitors three separate terrain parks across over 86 acres of skiable slopes. After a long day in the snow, the resort provides spa services so that avid skiers can relax and get warm. The resort also has a daycare to look after the little ones while you shred some powder.

Specifically, here's what you can expect at Bear Creek Mountain Resort:

  • Location: Macungie, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 23
  • Lifts: 7
  • Vertical: 510 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner

3. Blue Knob All Seasons Resort

Serious skiers will appreciate the rush of barreling down the most challenging slopes in Pennsylvania on the state's highest skiable mountain at Blue Knob. Along with breathtaking slopes, Blue Knob offers some of the best skiing in Pennsylvania with well-groomed and non-groomed cross-country skiing trails. Situated in the Alpine Village, Blue Knob also gives guests access to pools, hot tubs, saunas, tennis courts, dining options and more.

Here are the Blue Knob highlights:

  • Location: Claysburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 34
  • Lifts: 6
  • Vertical: 1,072 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Extremely advanced

4. Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Mount Pleasant of Edinboro is a family-friendly winter wonderland full of fun activities, including 40 acres of skiable trails and a 600-foot snow tubing hill. Mount Pleasant recently added cross-country skiing and snowshoeing to join their downhill skiing and snow tubing offerings. Skiing beginners and experts alike can find a trail at Mount Pleasant to love.

The fast facts about Mount Pleasant include:

  • Location: Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 10
  • Lifts: 2
  • Vertical: 2,500 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate

5. Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountain Resort features five terrain parks full of steep slopes and winding trails. Besides challenging downhill routes, the mountain boasts a Big Air Bag explicitly designed for skiers and snowboarders who want to practice complicated tricks and jumps safely before hitting the slopes.

Blue Mountain Resort Palmerton, PA

Adventure lovers can expect these perks at Blue Mountain Resort:

  • Location: Palmerton, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 40
  • Lifts: 16
  • Vertical: 1,082 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Advanced

6. Camelback Mountain Resort

Camelback Mountain Resort is known as the largest ski resort in the Pocono Mountains. Camelback lives up to its reputation for winter fun by offering visitors a wide variety of ski trails, multiple terrain parks, two high-speed quads, a half-pipe for snowboarders and the largest snow tubing park in the country with 42 lanes. The resort also recently added a Take Flight airbag so that skiers and boarders to attempt aerial maneuvers safely.

Check out these quick facts about Camelback before planning your trip:

  • Location: Tannersville, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 39
  • Lifts: 16
  • Vertical: 1,082 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced

7. Spring Mountain Adventures

Families will love going to Spring Mountain Adventures to get their winter sports fix. Spring Mountain Adventures offers individual and group ski or snowboard lessons, with each including friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Parents can start enrolling their kids in ski lessons as early as three years old.

Here's all you need to know before heading to Spring Mountain Adventures:

  • Location: Spring Mount, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 8
  • Lifts: 4
  • Vertical: 450 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner

8. Elk Mountain

As one of the state's first commercial ski areas, Elk Mountain is a dream destination for hardcore skiers. Elk Mountain is located in the picturesque region of "Endless Mountains" and features some of the most challenging ski trails in the area. As a bonus, the resort cultivates a unique rustic charm by planting thousands of Norway spruce trees and white and red pines around its grounds.

Those interested in taking on Elk Mountain need to know the following information:

  • Location: Union Dale, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 27
  • Lifts: 7
  • Vertical: 1,000 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Extremely advanced

9. Hidden Valley Resort

Located in the Laurel Highlands, Hidden Valley receives an impressive yearly average of 200 inches of snow every ski season. As one of the state's most mountainous areas, the Laurel Highlands is ideal for experienced skiers to put their skills to the test. Hidden Valley helps skiers make the most of their winter getaway by offering 110 acres of skiable terrain.

Here's what to keep in mind while planning your Hidden Valley vacation:

  • Location: Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 26
  • Lifts: 9
  • Vertical: 470 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Advanced

10. Whitetail Resort

Whitetail Resort is the place to go if you're looking to learn how to ski or snowboard. The National Ski Areas Association recognized the beginners' programs at Whitetail Resort as some of the best in the country. After a long day of learning to master the slopes, first-time skiers and boarders can relax and enjoy the resort's numerous dining options, including fine dining restaurants and casual cafes.

Get the know Whitetail before embarking on your first winter sports adventure:

  • Location: Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 23
  • Lifts: 9
  • Vertical: 935 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner
Whitetail Resort Mercersburg, PA

11. Jack Frost and Big Boulder

Jack Frost and Big Boulder are your premier skiing and snowboarding destinations in the Pocono Mountains. The two mountains are owned by the same parent company and close enough to each other that you can explore both in one weekend if you stay in the area. Jack Frost is the larger mountain and includes eight parks for skiers and boarders to push their abilities with terrain parks, glade skiing and riding.

Here's all you need to know before embracing the West Coast vibe at Jack Frost:

  • Location: White Haven, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 20
  • Lifts: 9
  • Vertical: 600 ft.

Difficulty level: Advanced

On the other hand, Big Boulder offers a relaxed winter sport environment for skiers and snowboards. As the first place that used snow-making for commercial application, Big Boulder perfectly creates a ski-worthy powder that winter sports enthusiasts of all abilities enjoy.

If you're looking for a more casual cruise down the mountain, here are the fast facts on Big Boulder:

  • Location: Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 16
  • Lifts: 10
  • Vertical: 475 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate

12. Liberty Mountain Resort

If you love to appreciate the views during your ski trip getaway, Liberty Mountain Resort offers breathtaking scenes of the Catoctin Mountains. Spanning 400 acres of pristine mountain land, Liberty includes trails for skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing, along with three terrain parks. Liberty also demonstrates its commitment to family by featuring a Children's Learning Center and programs for all ages.

Keep these details in mind when booking your Liberty Mountain Resort trip:

  • Location: Fairfield, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 22
  • Lifts: 8
  • Vertical: 620 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate

13. Mystic Mountain at Nemacolin

Located in western Pennsylvania, Mystic Mountain is the perfect spot for groups that include a mix of skiing newbies and veterans. Mystic Mountain offers plenty of lesson opportunities and friendly trails for first-timers, as well as steep drops and terrain parks for more experienced skiers and boarders. This ski spot completely illuminates the slopes so the winter fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down.

Keep these factors in mind when planning your Mystic Mountain trip:

  • Location: Farmington, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 6
  • Lifts: 3
  • Vertical: 300 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner to advanced

14. Roundtop Mountain Resort

Formerly known as Ski Roundtop, Roundtop Mountain Resort is a popular destination for families and snow sports beginners. The National Ski Areas Association recently named Roundtop's Learn to Ski and Snowboard program the best in the nation. An extra perk to visiting Roundtop is that the resort is under the same management as Liberty and Whitetail, so you can use the same discount cards and season passes for all of them.

Anyone new to skiing or snowboarding should check out these fast facts about Roundtop Mountain Resort:

  • Location: Lewisberry, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 20
  • Lifts: 9
  • Vertical: 600 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner

15. Ski Sawmill Family Resort

As a family-centered resort, Ski Sawmill provides exciting slopes for a range of skiing and boarding abilities so that every member of the family can find their favorite trail. At Ski Sawmill, skiing novices can learn to ski or spend most of their time enjoying the resort's tube slide. The resort also offers a variety of lodging options, including the Mountain Inn and private farmhouses.

Use this information to help you finalize your Ski Sawmill trip:

  • Location: Morris, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 12
  • Lifts: 4
  • Vertical: 515 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner to intermediate
Shawnee Mountain Ski Area PA

16. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area is an expansive winter sports wonderland featuring 125 acres for skiing and two terrain parks. Aside from its numerous trails, Shawnee Mountain stands out for its Tomahawk Express Quad lift. This ultimate lift gets riders to the mountain's 3,100-foot summit in minutes, giving them a bird's eye view of the area's sweeping natural beauty.

Here's what to know before visiting Shawnee Mountain Ski Area:

  • Location: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 23
  • Lifts: 10
  • Vertical: 700 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Advanced

17. Ski Big Bear

If your family includes both skiers and non-skiers, Ski Big Bear may be the best winter getaway for pleasing everyone. Skiers enjoy expansive trails and two terrain parks, while the non-skiers have a blast at the site's snow tubing park. Those new to skiing can also take lessons with a member of the mountain's friendly staff.

Check out this breakdown of Ski Big Bear:

  • Location: Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 18
  • Lifts: 7
  • Vertical: 650 ft.
  • Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate

18. Seven Springs Mountain Resort

If you believe variety is the spice of life, try staying at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. As the biggest ski and four-season resort in Pennsylvania, Seven Springs Mountain Resort boasts 33 slopes and trails for guests to explore, along with seven terrain parks and an Olympic-sized superpipe. You'll also get your choice of accommodations at the resort, including condominiums, townhomes, cottages and chalets.

These fast facts will help you schedule your stay at Seven Springs Mountain Resort:

  • Location: Champion, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 33
  • Lifts: 10
  • Vertical: 750 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced

19. Montage Mountain

This professionally staffed ski school offers guests day or night skiing so that dedicated skiers never have to take a break from shredding the powder. Montage Mountain also features one of the highest vertical drops for any Pennsylvania ski resort. In addition to hardcore slopes, Montage Mountain offers less challenging runs, a full-service lodge and restaurants.

Ski fanatics should know these details before heading to Montage Mountain:

  • Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 26
  • Lifts: 7
  • Vertical: 1,000 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced

20. Crystal Lake Ski Center

If your favorite winter sport is cross-country skiing, Crystal Lake Ski Center should be at the top of your list this season. Nestled beside the serene Crystal Lake, this ski center is specially designed for cross-country skiers and snowshoers, with miles of machine-groomed trails. For those with furry friends, leashed dogs are allowed on the snowshoe trails.

Whether you're a cross-country skiing expert or plan on taking a lesson with one of the center's certified Nordic instructors, here's what you need to know about Crystal Lake Ski Center:

  • Location: Hughesville, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 20 miles of trails
  • Lifts: 0
  • Vertical: 100 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Beginner

21. Tussey Mountain

Tussey Mountain has earned its reputation as a small mountain with a large heart with seven trails and five lifts in just 38 skiable acres. This mountain also features a terrain park consisting of boxes, pipes, rails and an assortment of jumps. Tussey Mountain's convenient location close to Penn State's University Park makes it an excellent choice for college students looking for a quick ski trip.

Here's a look at what a trip to Tussey Mountain entails:

  • Location: Boalsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 7
  • Lifts: 5
  • Vertical: 500 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate

22. Eagle Rock Resort

Head to Eagle Rock Resort if you want short lift lines and plenty of room to roam the slopes. Both skiers and snowboarders enjoy Eagle Rock's wide range of trails for beginners and experts, as well as a 1,000-foot super half-pipe. The resort takes the winter sports experience up a notch with advanced snow-making equipment, high-powered snow guns and lit-up slopes to guarantee a powdered mountain from dusk to dawn.

Check out this breakdown of Eagle Rock Resort:

  • Location: Hazelton, Pennsylvania.
  • Trails: 14
  • Lifts: 4
  • Vertical: 550 ft.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate
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