Repurpose your old skis and snowboards Repurpose your old skis and snowboards

Ideas For Repurposing Old Skis and Snowboards

Posted by Matt Gahman on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do you have old gear laying around your house? Or, have you ever seen retro skis or snowboards at flea markets or yard sales and thought to yourself, what could I do with that? Look no further! As a company that places a strong emphasis on going green, recycling, and up-cycling, we have compiled a collection of ideas for repurposing old skis, snowboards, and sleds. We hope they will inspire you and give your old gear new life.


It is always interesting to see what others think of that we may not have. We love the creativity in the following examples and we hope you will, too!




1. A statement piece at Yellowstone National Park… as if there wasn’t enough to take in already. (via reCreate design co. on Pinterest)


2.  For the gentleman and the scholar who loves to ski. Great bookshelves for personalizing your space! ( via The Snow Chasers



3. Or, if you prefer shelves made of snowboards- there are those too!  A bit more industrial and modern feeling than the rustic skis. (via Nodenja on Pinterest) 



4. Gather around a fire with some friends and these great snowboard benches! (via Natalya Solovey on Pinterest)



5. Or, if you’re a skiier, maybe you’d rather sit here. (via sports-benches)  



6. Maybe you don’t like benches and would prefer your own chair? These 70s-inspired snowboard chairs are some of the funkiest furniture we’ve seen in a long time! How cool! (via secondstreet



7. Maybe sitting still isn’t your thing? Try a snowboard swing. (via The Huffington Post)



8. The whole family can enjoy a meal at this table. (via WooHome)



9. And after dinner, you can all play cornhole! A little paint and some old skis or boards and you’ll have yourself a one of a kind cornhole set. (via @ColoradoSkiFurniture on Instagram) 



10. A place to hang your coat, bag, or keys after work. (via Ralfred’s Blog)



11. And a  pace to hang your bath towel. (via



12. This resort did it right - adding a splash of color to the trash! (via Cordy Davila on Pinterest)



13. Does your dog love skiing as much as you do? Make sure people know it and build him this bowl. (via Jill Burt on Pinterest)



14. Hold your firewood in the cabin with a unique repurposing of skis. (via Miah Andrews on Pinterest)



15. Scrub a dub dub! Keep all your bathroom toiletries organized with this neat shelf. Bonus points for the pop of color! (Via the Design Sponge blog)



16. Did someone lose a ski? No worries. This is a great idea for a single ski, too. Hang some family ski trip photos! (via Rebecca Schwartz on Pinterest)



17. And if, by any chance, you are lucky enough to get your hands on a lift chair. Please make a sweet seat in your industrial loft and add a trendy pillow. (Via



18. Looking for a place to lay your head? You could eat, sleep, and breathe skiing with this one. (via Craigslist - item has sold). 

After you repurpose old gear, please share with us. We would love to see! Snap some photos and show us. Comment below or email . In the event that you got so excited and inspired by the photos above that you repurposed your current gear (instead of old gear) - good news! We have what you need to find gear you love. We have seven shops that are open October through March, and in the Summer months our online store, remains open for business!

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