guide to buying the right snowboard bindings guide to buying the right snowboard bindings

Guide to Buying Snowboard Bindings and Must-Have Bindings for Snowboarding Season

Posted by Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

It's time to get ready for the winter season! With the colder months, there also comes snowboarding season. That means you need to prepare yourself for having fun in the snow by purchasing the best possible snowboard bindings for you. In this guide to buying snowboard bindings, we will go over the different types of snowboard bindings and a few must-have options for enjoying this winter's snowboarding season. Grab yourself a hot cup of coffee and prepare to gain all the knowledge you need to make your upcoming winter season full of fun outdoor activities.

What is a snowboard binding?

What Is a Snowboard Binding?

Snowboard bindings play a vital role in both safety and control when you are snowboarding. Snowboard bindings fit onto your board with a few screws and can easily be installed or removed. They include various straps, buckles and other parts that help secure your boots to your snowboard.

Unlike ski bindings, snowboard bindings don't have the ability to release your foot when you fall. This aspect, however, isn't a problem for snowboarders since both feet are secured on the same board.

With the right bindings, you can have the control needed to tighten those turns and whip down the hills with ease, which will help increase your skill level.

Different Snowboard Binding Sizes

Your snowboard bindings are the piece that secures you to your board. It's essential that you select the properly sized snowboard binding so you have a fun and safe adventure on your snowboard.

The two main aspects you should follow for finding the right size snowboard bindings is that the bindings should be the right size for your board and your boots.

Sizing your boots with your bindings is the first step for purchasing snowboard bindings. Bindings will range in size depending on the brand, but they typically follow small, medium and large sizing. Because there are different types of binding brands and boot brands, sizing across the industry is not universal. The best thing to do is talk to local snowboard shops about sizing or research measurements online to see if your current boots will fit their bindings.

Next, you'll need to size the snowboard bindings to your board. When your bindings are the right size for the board and for your boots, you can easily glide over the snow without digging into the ground or snagging anything on the trail. When bindings are too small for the board, you won't have as much control over your snowboard.

It's important that you buy your boots first, then your snowboard, then bindings. That way, every piece of equipment fits nicely.

Different Types of Snowboard Bindings

You should find the binding that's comfortable for you and works best with your riding style. You can select from two types of snowboard bindings — strap bindings and speed-entry bindings. Check out the difference between the two and how you can benefit from each type:

  • Strap bindings: The strap bindings are the most common type of snowboard bindings on the market. They secure tightly with straps that crank or ratchet tight to ensure your boot is snug in place. The highback is sturdy, so you have the most control over your board when you're going down the mountain. You'll find this type of binding has optimal cushioning and support for your feet and ankles.
  • Speed-entry bindings: The speed-entry bindings look similar to the other bindings, but they have a highback that reclines backward to allow your foot to enter the binding. This option is great for snowboarders who prefer an easier process of securing their boot and taking it out of the binding. These bindings are often a little heavier than strap bindings, but casual riders appreciate the convenience more for securing their boots.
  • Step on technology: Like strap bindings, step on bindings have a similar base and back but no crank straps. You'll lock your boots in by the clips on the heel and side of your boot. These clips will secure your boots into your board, and they are a convenient type of binding for snowboarders.

Bindings for Certain Riding Styles

Whether you're a beginner or you've been snowboarding for years, purchasing bindings that mesh with your riding style can help you enjoy your ride down the mountains. Beginners may want bindings that are more comfortable and give your an easy ride. Intermediate to advanced snowboarders may prefer a stiffer and tighter binding that allows them to have more control over their board and cut through the snow efficiently.

Your riding style makes a big impact on the type of bindings you purchase. Selecting your riding style can help narrow down your selection of bindings:

  • Freestyle: This style is best for snowboarders who perform spins, jumps and other park tricks. They allow you to move easily and land your jumps.
  • All-mountain: This style is perfect for nearly every terrain. From parks to all-powder runs, these bindings can help you enjoy various terrains on the mountain.
  • Powder: These bindings are stiffer, so snowboarders can have more control while cruising on deep powder.
  • Freeride and splitboard: This binding is useful on rough, backcountry terrain. They are stiff and help you have more control over your board.
Binding compatibility with different types of snowbaords

Compatibility With Different Types of Snowboards

Compatibility is a vital factor when considering the safety of your snowboard. Since not all snowboard boots and bindings are compatible, you need to know how to tell them apart. If you ignore the compatibility of your setup, you may be at a higher risk of injury. In some cases, it may not even be possible to correctly attach your bindings to the board.

Other aspects affect the release functionality, including improper maintenance, worn soles, dirt, salt and structural damage to the bindings. If you have new bindings that you want to pair with your old boots, make sure a professional makes adjustments properly for you so you know they are set up for safety. Because of different shoe sizes, there is a difference between junior norm and adult norm snowboard boots and bindings. However, the majority of snowboard gear is usually adaptable to your specifications. Before mounting your bindings, confirm you have compatible hardware made for your age, weight, size and skill level.

Must have bindings for snowboard season

Must-Have Snowboard Bindings for Upcoming 2021-2022 Snowboarding Season

Some snowboard bindings are better than others, and below, we will go over some of the must-have snowboard bindings for the upcoming season. There are different manufacturers and many different bindings for the various snowboard styles you can have. Having a comprehensive guide to different snowboard bindings helps ensure you are making a well-rounded, intelligent decision on which snowboard bindings to purchase. You can also rest easy knowing professionals use and recommend these snowboard bindings.

Salomon District - Men's Bindings

These are a great choice for snowboarding bindings. They are excellent for all-mountain riding with their unique Shadow Fit baseplate. The company devised these bindings to allow more lateral movement while maintaining a good hold on your boot. It also has a flexible heel cup which is rare to find in bindings. With the kevlar stringers adjusting on the fly as you bend and contort your body, the response time edge to edge increases for the rider's needs, which allows for greater control.

When the highback section attaches with the stringers, the comfort and response time feel amazing and act like one unit. These features combined with the easily adjustable straps for your ankles make these bindings a fantastic choice for your winter adventures this season and beyond.

Bent Metal Axition Bindings - Men's Bindings

These highly customizable bindings are perfect for fine-tuning your inputs into the snowboard. With some adjusting, you can change the whole wide and even use flexible drive plates. These give the rider a ton of control. With forward lean being a hot debate, the ability to change your forward lean if you wish to have more power with your turns is a welcome feature on these bindings.

With the single unit style and high durability, these bindings are perfect for those shopping for ski equipment on a budget. They have increased comfort for support when you decide you want to stay out and ride longer. With a highly adjustable toe ramp that enables precision turning and easier management, these bindings are a must-have for many riders this season.

2022 Burton Zipline Step On Boots - Youth Bindings

The Burton Zipline Step On boot is an excellent snowboarding boot for the younger crowd, regardless of their skill on the slopes. The design of the boot makes it simple to combine with their binding set, giving the rider superb entry and exit speed while maintaining precise control. The BOA Coiler Closure System adds comfort while maintaining a snug fit.

There is a dial to fine-tune the BOA system making it easily adjustable for your needs. Safety is another crucial aspect of these boots. The connection points in both the toe and heel areas (two in the toe inside and out), the moldable inside lining and the reflective foil that traps heat inside will ensure the rider will be safe and stay warm all day long.

2022 Burton Step On Re:Flex Binding - Youth Bindings

Youth riders will have the power and freedom to experience exhilarating riding with these bindings. The beauty of these bindings is their strapless step-on functionality. The security and control riders will have using these bindings with the Zipline Step On Boots is unparalleled. Knowing they have precision movements and not worrying about the boots coming out of the bindings gives young riders the edge to hone their skills and push themselves to the limits.

The bindings also come with a quick-release lever for easy exit when needed at a moment's notice. These bindings' forward lean adjuster can give increased turn control when dashing in and out of the snowy slopes.

2022 Burton Step OnX Re:Flex Binding - Women's Bindings

These bindings combine pro-caliber control and straightforward step-on functionality to give easy mounting and professional control when riding. These are built for all-mountain riding with increased comfort using FullBED cushion and utilizing the complete Step On system. The boots also use Toe Hooks 2.0, which provides the rider with a quick and clean exit.

The Re:Flex version can be a part of any riders' board. The bindings are lightweight and highly responsive, thanks to their 50:50 carbon fiber/nylon composite material. They feature a spring hinge in the Toe Hooke 2.0 system that flexes to maintain closure while providing simple entry and exit. The single connection point by the heel also provides increased response from the boot and bindings. The FullBED system can help reduce fatigue with the full underfoot cushion and has a trap door for effortless mounting.

2022 Burton Felix Step On Snowboard Boots - Women's Bindings

The 2022 Women's Burton Felix Step On boot has the advantage of using the Dual Zone BOA Coiler Closure System. The system combines easy adjustments as well as the highest level of performance in its class. Using the Step On system was at the forefront of the designer's mind when creating this product. The pairing of these boots with the Step On system gives the freedom of effortless entry and exit with increased board control.

The BOA dial turns to fine-tune fitting, which allows you the joy of being ready to ride after simply stepping on the binding. Professional moves and dives down the slopes are painless with these top-performance boots. Having heightened control over your board and the ability to quickly snap out of the bindings when needed is incredibly essential for any day on the slopes. These boots are a must-have for all women who love having fun in the snow while maintaining safety measures.

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