Best Winter Boots for Cold Weather Best Winter Boots for Cold Weather

Best Winter Boots for Cold Weather

Posted by Matt Gahman on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Best Winter Boots for Cold Weather

If you're a skier, snowboarder or someone who enjoys the wintry outdoors, having the right pair of boots is essential. Once you've brushed the snow off of your suit and are ready to relax, slipping into a pair of sturdy yet casual boots will allow you to go anywhere in comfort and style. You can go for a walk outside or lounge indoors after a day on the mountain.

You don't have to be a winter athlete to own a nice pair of boots. Cold weather boots are excellent for any level of activity, and they'll keep your feet warm and dry. From running daily errands to battling in a snowball fight, you deserve to stay comfortable. Our guide will help you choose the right boots for you, provide you with some of the best snow boots for men and women and show you what to look for in a winter boot.

Best Winter Boots for Men

Here are Buckman's picks for the top winter boots for men:

Full Tilt Apres Bootie

Boots aren't just for hiking or partaking in snow sports, and there are many different varieties of boots to choose from. Whether you're gearing up to take on winter activities or looking for a casual slip-on to wear around between slope sessions, there's a design that suits your needs. If you don't want to lug around a full-size pair of tall boots or simply don't have the space to do so, the Full Tilt Apres Bootie will allow you to save space and stay warm.

The Apres Bootie was designed for both comfort and practicality. They're easy to pack in your bag and even easier to slip on, ensuring that your feet stay warm and dry after a long day outdoors. With a plush, fur-lined interior and custom-fitting Intuition insole, they're like a pair of slippers you can wear in the snow.

The DWR Polyurethane outer shell keeps your feet dry and toasty, and the Grip sole on the bottom provides you with enough traction to stay safe in snowy and icy areas. Once you slip these booties on, you won't want to take them off. They're some of the best boots to wear after snowboarding or skiing your favorite trails.

Adidas Terrex Frozetrack Mid

Hiking and even just walking around ski slopes while taking a break in the winter can be treacherous. Snow and ice make trails slick and slippery, giving you limited traction. Cold winds and dropping temperatures can make outdoor activities freezing. But it can also be difficult to find casual winter boots with as much function as they have style. With the Adidas Terrex Frozetrack Mid boots, you'll have the benefit of both.

The Terrex Frozetracks were designed with the transition between casual use and performance in mind, making them some of the best after-ski boots out there. They are practical choices to protect you against cold, wet conditions, keeping your feet warm and dry with a mid-height cuff, waterproof and windproof build and PrimaLoft® insulation. The soles are made of Stealth® rubber, so you can be sure each step is a safe one. These Adidas hiking boots will let you play longer and enjoy your time in the outdoors more.

Sorel Cheyanne II

sorel cheyanne II mens winter boot 

Winter weather shouldn't keep you from enjoying the outdoors, but it can be difficult to get around in high snow and whipping winds. From trekking to your favorite snowboarding slope to taking a walk around town, it's important to prioritize your comfort, especially when it comes to cold weather boots. But who says you can't protect your feet in style? The Sorel Cheyanne II proves you can find full utility boots that are also fashion-forward.

Sorel is one of the current top winter boot brands on the market, and its Cheyanne II design is eyecatching for a number of reasons. For one, it provides you with ultimate stability and protection from the elements. It's constructed from full-grain waterproof leather with a vulcanized rubber outsole and seam-sealed waterproofing to keep your feet dry and warm in any circumstance. They also have high cuffs to keep the snow out and body heat in.

Along with an impressive outer construction, the interior of the Cheyanne II is crafted for comfort. It features 200g insulation, a microfleece top cover and a removable footbed, so you can stay warm without resorting to several pairs of thick socks. And with a classic style, you can wear them with just about any outfit and look great anywhere you walk, making them some of the best winter boots for skiers and snowboarders looking to hit the slopes and keep the night going.

Best Winter Boots for Women

Here are Buckman's top winter boots for women:

Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge Chelsea

sorel joan of arctic womens winter boot 

While winter weather brings snow, ice and bitter winds for many climates, the onset of the season doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style. The Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge Chelsea Boot offers style, comfort and functionality, so you don't have to give up anything.

The Joan Wedge Chelsea is an excellent choice for the stylish and adventurous. It combines all the current style of a classic wedged Chelsea with the functionality of a sturdy winter boot. It's sleek and weather-resistant, available in either full-grain, waterproof leather or suede. The 3-inch heel is crafted for comfort, and the upper is form-fitted to the foot, so you can maintain a graceful silhouette and keep your balance on slick surfaces.

But the Joan Wedge is more than a pretty boot. It has a molded rubber outsole with deep treads that allow you to wear them anywhere, from spending a day at the slopes to having a night out on the town. The soft lining and thick upper will keep your feet warm for as long as you wear them, and the comfort footbed means you'll feel good wearing them, too. With a beautiful form and practical feel, these are some of the best snow boots for women.

Cougar Dani Suede Winter Sneaker

In the past few years, more and more boot companies have been creating boot models that are fashionable but maintain practicality. Even more recently, they began to switch up their styles, creating shoes suitable for winter weather that abandon the typical boot look. One type that caught on is the winter sneaker. It has the appearance of a popular lace-up shoe, but all the features are enhanced to provide better insulation and protection. Cougar's Dani Suede Winter Sneaker does just that.

The Dani Suede has an ankle-high cuff, rounded toe and tight lace-up front, giving you the feel of a classic sneaker. But it's crafted to take on low temperatures and snowy conditions, sporting Iceland leather uppers and a rubber outsole with boot-like treads. It also has a genuine rabbit fur tongue and plush lining around the cuff for improved insulation. With a temperature rating of -11 degrees Fahrenheit, or -24 degrees Celsius, you'll be able to stay warm and look good doing it.

Cougar Dublin

Whether you're walking around the slopes or going to town with a few friends, you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style — or vice versa. Packing different pairs of shoes for the mountain and casual hangouts can end up taking a lot of space. Most of the time, regular sneakers are too thin, leaving you uncomfortable, and heels can be treacherous on slick ice. With the Cougar Dublin Winter Shoe, you'll be able to stay warm and match any outfit.

Some of the best apres ski boots aren't even classified as such. The Dublin is an ankle-high shoe with a suede and nylon upper that resembles a boot. It has a rounded toe and narrower body with both a front lace and side zipper closure, allowing you to adjust the tightness while still being able to slip it on and off easily. It also has a faux Lapin fur collar and Winter Wintai lining to keep your toes toasty, and it has a temperature rating of -11 degrees Fahrenheit, or -24 degrees Celsius. For even more comfort, the Dublin also has a memory molded insole to fit your foot. The soles are made of molded rubber with treads to provide ample traction, even on icy walkways. It's one of the most popular models of women's winter shoes and is available in multiple colors, including black, olive and wine.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Boots

 what to consider before purchasing winter boots

Purchasing the proper pair of winter boots is about more than simply whether or not they're your size. Just as with any shoe, you have to consider where you plan on wearing them, how often you'll use them, what kind of socks you'll most likely wear underneath, the temperatures you'll be using them in and many other factors. When shopping for boots, you should look into each pair and compare their specs and features.


When it comes to the winter season, keeping your feet dry goes hand in hand with staying warm. If your feet get wet, it's due to one of three reasons: your boots have poor insulation, your boots aren't breathable enough, or you got snow in them. Getting snow down your boots may be an annoyance, but too little insulation can mean your feet will be constantly cold. The point of wearing boots is to protect you from the elements, wet and dry.

Depending on the type of boots you want, you can find them in a variety of materials and types of construction. Some of the best fabrics for waterproofing include polyurethane, vulcanized rubber, leather and interior linings. Look for boots with thicker soles, warm fur and tightly laced enclosures without gaps.


Winter boots are meant to keep your feet warm. If you walk through snowy or icy areas or experience high wind chills, you'll notice the difference a good boot makes. Insulation helps trap your body heat within the boot while keeping the cold out. Getting the right level of insulation is important as well. It has to retain heat but not moisture, as sweat or water that collects will make your feet feel colder without adequate air circulation.


Whether you're wearing your winter boots for practicality or style, during long periods or for short walks, comfort is an important factor. The more comfortable your boots are on your feet, the more often you'll want to wear them. Some of the top models have comfort ratings, which show how well the boots work in low temperatures. But you can also look at customer reviews to see what others thought of the shape, materials and sizing.

Your overall comfort in the boot will also depend on several other factors, including how well it's suited for where you intend to wear it, your body's circulation, your fitness level and health and changing weather conditions. If you need your boots to be tighter and higher for more support or looser and lower to allow for air circulation, you should pay attention to the fit and feel while trying them on. The best boots to wear after skiing the slopes all day are ultimately ones that are comfortable.


Everyone has their preference for how high they want their boots to come, but the various heights also have different practicalities. If you plan on trekking through high snow, you want to make sure you can keep it out of your shoes, where it'll melt and make your feet damp. Higher sides will keep the tops from falling below the snow level, paired with ski pants or regular jeans. Taller boots also keep more of your leg warm and support your muscles to keep them from cramping in the cold.

If you plan on sticking to plowed areas or live in a climate where snow doesn't pile up as high, you can get away with shorter boots. They are also more lightweight to pack if you want to take them on hiking excursions or trips where you have limited room, such as flights or backpacking. If you're concerned about getting your socks wet, look for models with adjustable collars or cinches to create a tighter seal.


While the fit of your boots does include whether or not they're you're size, it also involves other factors. Generally, you should allow a little more room in winter boots than you would with casual shoes or sneakers. This enables you to wear thick socks underneath for extra insulation. You should be able to wiggle your toes but feel adequate support around the bridge and ankle areas of your foot. A snug fit will support your joints and help you get better traction on snowy or icy ground.

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When you need a new pair of winter boots, whether they're for the mountain or casual use, you deserve high quality. Buckman's proudly sells winter gear that will keep you warm and dry, even in the coldest and wettest conditions. We have a passion for skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the outdoors even in the cold seasons. Our staff is made up of experienced and knowledgeable winter athletes who can help you find the right snow boots for your needs.

For more of what Buckman's has to offer, browse our women's winter boots collection and men's winter boots collection.

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