GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount
GoPro Jaws Clamp Mount
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GoPro Jaw Clamp Mount
Posted by Andrew (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/28/2019

Pros: Great clamp, great for rollcages
Cons: None

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This is the best mount of there for mounting the camera still to a fixed location. No mater if there is wind or other conditions the camera stays completely planted and does not shake. This mount is also great for any type of motorsport or bike use, easily mountable to any type of rollcage 2.5" or less.

Versatile Mount
Posted by Gretchen H (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/28/2017

Pros: Easy to adjust, very stable
Cons: A little bulky

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A combination of two great products. The jaws clamp allows you to mount practically anywhere. The neck of the mount is easily adjusted allowing you to film at any desired angle. This mount is a necessity for any GoPro owner looking to produce more cinematic footage.