Carry Your Snowboard Equipment Comfortably

Beyond your board, you'll need your boots when taking on any snowboarding excursion.

We all love a brisk trip down the slopes, but getting all of your equipment from one place to the next can be frustrating. After all, most trips require a variety of equipment, clothes and accessories to make the activities safe and enjoyable, and they all can take up a lot of space.

When the search for a snow boot bag carries you throughout the internet, you'll find what you need through Buckman's Ski Shops. Considering our commitment to customer satisfaction and inventory of top-tier products, you will not be left disappointed!

Types of Snowboard Boot Bags

We carry four different styles for snowboard boot bags, with each fitting different niches for budget, size and style. We carry options from the following brands:

  • Transpack
  • Sportube
  • Swix
  • Athalon
  • Kulkea
  • Dakine

In case you need a smaller bag, we have plenty of space-saving choices for options around 25L. We also carry bags with well-padded, tarp-lined boot compartments to keep your boots safe without fear of them leaking through the material when wet. If you need more space to hit the slopes, try a 30L or 69L bag that's lightweight even with all the extra room. A snowboard boot and helmet bag can make a big difference in hauling your gear.

We also carry snow boot bag options with handles and adjustable shoulder straps to give you different ways to hold your bag. These options are just another way to find a snowboard boot bag that's comfortable to carry around.

Tips for Picking a Snowboard Boot Bag

Space should be your primary driver when selecting a boot tote.

Local, casual trips typically do not require a lot of organizing or planning, so you can make smaller, more lightweight bags (like the 30L 18) work to your advantage. However, you might want to consider the Boot Locker or the Boot Pack for longer trips that require drawn-out car rides or extended airplane flights.

These bigger bags come with more space to consolidate your items into a single area, which helps with organization and prevents equipment from getting separated in transit. Just grab your snowboard boot and helmet bag, and then you'll already be prepared for a quick set up.

Shop Snowboard Boot Bags at Buckman's

We believe in carrying only the best skiing and snowboarding equipment on our website and at our shops, which sit at seven different locations throughout Pennsylvania.

If you need help with finding your snow boot bag, our customer service team will consider your requirements, answer questions and provide recommendations. You'll benefit from our price-match guarantee, as well as free shipping on most orders exceeding $50. Contact us today to discuss our snowboard boot bags!