Marker Duke PT 12 Bindings

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Marker Duke PT 12 Bindings

For skiers looking for the ultimate versatility in their setup, with uncompromising big mountain performance plus the ability to take advantage of true Pin Tech climbing functionality, the Duke PT 16 sets the standard. The biggest highlight on this binding is the innovative Quad Lock Ride & Hike toe. In ride mode it provides uncompromising downhill performance with full safety release properties from DIN 4 to 12. Switching the binding to hiking mode is simply a matter of unlocking the upper part of the toe piece and rotating it forward. Pin binding technology is integrated in the base plate underneath the toe housing and operates in much the same way as Marker's KingPin and Alpinist models. In uphill mode, you have the option of saving 300 grams of weight per foot by removing the toe housing sections and stowing them in your backpack. To switch to downhill mode, the toe housing clicks back onto the base plate. It locks back into place thanks to Auto Quad Lock technology, just by stepping into the binding, without any extra action required by the skier. Another huge advantage, the Hollow Linkage 2 heel piece is the same as that of the Squire, giving you the lightweight, security, and power transmission needed for an epic descent. The Duke PT also features SOLE.ID technology, just like other products in the Royal Family. This makes the binding compatible with all boot sole types falling under the Alpine (ISO 5355), Touring (ISO 9523), or GripWalk (ISO 9523) norms.

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