Lucky Bums Fall Line Easy Wedge Ski Training Tip Connector

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Lucky Bums Fall Line Easy Wedge Ski Training Tip Connector

Confidence through control is key to any new skier.

The first thing that you need to teach your beginner is how to STOP! A wedge (also called a snowplow or “pizza”) is the best way to do this. Tips together and backs apart. The Easy Wedge makes this move easy.

Practice moving around on skis. Before you head out on the slope, attached the Easy Wedge and practice moving skis in and out of a wedge. This helps them understand the motions before adding movement. Also, don’t go straight to the chairlift. At the resort, find a gentle short snow-covered slope to practice walking up and skiing down.

Focus on turns. Stopping is important, but turning will get kids skiing. Turning happens from the feet, knees and hips. A common mistake is telling kids to put their weight on one ski to initiate a turn. Instead, work on an athletic stance and getting skis on edge.

Make learning fun. Hot chocolate or lunch in the lodge are great incentives for a full morning of skiing. Pack snacks in your pocket for the chairlift. Treats go a long way when encouraging children to make good turns.

Core Users. Best for kids 2 to 5 years old.

+ Attach and detach easily
+ Helps kids turn and control speed
+ Simple device to build muscle memory
+ Fall Line Style will attach and detach easily with our newly designed "jaw clamp" system
Gender Youth

Designed for Kids

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