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Item#: OUT-OT3834, Mfg#: OT3834  
Yes, you are the best friend of the Chips; stop shouting, everyone already knows. But maybe you don’t know that the Exoskeleton is the second best friend to the Chips. Guess what? The Exoskeleton wants to be your second best friend too.

Take Your Chips Anywhere


Now you can take the Chips to school, work, hot yoga, and almost anywhere else you want to listen to the new “fire” on your playlist. After we made the Chips people were so stoked on using them in their snow helmets, they wanted to use them off the mountain too. So we made some things (beanie, headband, k-roo, etc.) to help with that. The last piece to the Chips puzzle was the Exoskeleton. We have been dreaming of allowing people to use their Chips as regular headphones and finally, we did it.

Portable and Adjustable Foldable headphones? Yes. We made it so you can fold up your Exoskeleton for stashing them in your bag, fanny pack, or maybe under your dad hat. The Exoskeleton is also adjustable. So if you happen to have a large melon, no worries, we have you covered.


Fully compatible with wired and wireless Chips.

Ability to fold Exoskeleton for compact transport and storage.

Adjustable sizing to fit just about any cranium.

Gender Unisex

Designed for All

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Music everwhere
Posted by Drew K (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/29/2019

Pros: simple...inexpensive

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Great accessory. If you already own or are planning to purchase any Version of Chips by Outdoor Tech, these will let you take them with you anywhere...not just in your helmet. Basically converts them into an over the ear headphone.