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HXT Marathon Heated Mittens: “Warm Hands…..All the Time!”

HXT Gear of the Year

Winner of Runner's World "Gear of the Year" Award, the Men's Journal MVP Award, and the Raynaud's Award!

Nothing's worse than experiencing frozen hands when all you want to do is ski down the mountain, go for a crisp winter run, or trek outside to shovel your driveway. With your fingers unable to bend and you're losing feeling, it's time for you to invest in the HXT Marathon Heated Mittens. Designed with Heat X-Change Technology, the mittens help you regulate the amount of heat that reaches your hands. You can direct the heat to particular areas of your hands by using internal re-usable gel packs that can ddeliver 167°F of external heat.

How does the HXT Marathon Mitten work? You can move the gel packs to three total chambers, located at the back of the hand, back of the fingers and in front of fingers. The heated ski mittens reflect 90 percent of the heat in your hand, giving you heat where it's most needed. The Marathon has a patented pre-heatable HXT technology. Place the packs in a microwave so you can feel cozy for up to three hours. You can now spend a day out in the snow and not worry about tight, cold and sore hands. 

The microwave heated gloves are ideal for cold-weather outdoor sports and fun activities. They are also water-resistant with a nylon outer and display "Soft Touch" fabric that has 100 percent polyester fleece lining. The microwave mittens even have a long cuff to help trap in the heat with Velcro features. The extended wrist is perfect for holding in the heat and is the best at forming a bridge between your mitten and jacket.

The Marathon has a reflective 3m patch, nose wipes on the thumbs, 100 grams of Thinsulate Platinum insulation and bright color options for visibility along with Tru-Grip palms to aid in holding the leash while walking your dog or operating a snowblower. Plus, with a pull tab for easy hand entry, you won't have to fiddle around with putting them on and off every time.

The microwavable gloves mittens are the winner of Runner's World "Gear of the Year" award along with the Men's Journal MVP Award and the Raynaud's Award. Not many retailers carry the exclusive HXT Marathon Mitten, so order online today at Buckman's!

HXT "As Seen On TV" Features

+ HXT Heat Chamber: reflects 90% of the heat to the hand. Up to 3 hour of heat with reusable microwave gel packs. Up to 10 hours of heat with carbon throw away packs.

+ Hi Viz Panel: Exceptional visibility in low light conditions.

+ 3M Reflective Material: Be seen on the darkest of nights.

+ Velcro Closure Strap: Snug wrist fit.

+ Extended Fleece Wrist: Holds heat in glove. No gap between glove and jacket.

+ Tru-Grip Palm: Aids in driving and bicycling. Extra grip when performing chores such a shoveling.

+ Nose Wipe

+ Elastic Cuff: Snug wrist fit. Holds heat in glove.

+ Pull Tab: Easy glove entry.

+ Internal Gel Packs: Provide external heat up to 167 degrees.

+ Thinslate Platinum Insulation: Exceptional heat retention.


Warning: Do NOT overheat gloves. Follow the instructions carefully!

Gender Unisex

Designed for All

Style Mitten

Traditional mitten design

Weather Frigid

Designed for super cold, frigid conditions.

Insulation Heated

Heated for those with extra cold hands!

Outer Fabric Synthetic

Synthetic Outer Fabric

Customer Reviews

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Finally found gloves that help!
Posted by Shannon from Perkiomenville on 12/24/2018

Pros: Seem to do its job; keep hands from freezing
Cons: I did notice that they are a bit heavy; hands shifts somewhat in mittens but stay on.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

These are pretty decent gloves. I have worn them three times already (only had them for about three weeks). They seem to keep my hands lukewarm which works for me. After an 8 mile run, I am able to use my car remote (my hands were always too cold/numb before) and when I get home, I can untie my shoes!

Great mittens!
Posted by Bill from Youngstown, Ohio on 2/6/2018

Pros: Keeps your hands warm.
Cons: Have to remember to leave time to heat them up before leaving the house.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

My wife suffers from painful fingers whenever she's out in the cold too long, and regular gloves/mittens weren't protecting her hands. These mittens, however, do the trick! Just heat them in the microwave a few seconds before heading out the door and your hands stay warm for hours. Wonderful!

all but my thumbs
Posted by bill deetjen from portland, maine on 12/31/2016

Pros: Keep my fingers (Raynauds)comfortable for well over the hour walk
Cons: Separate thumb area not heated

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

My wife purchased these for me as my hands(fingers were blanching and very cold )on those early mornings when I walk the dog in the woods

These mittens were the last and successful effort to keep my fingers warm.I need to tuck the thumbs in with my palm as those thumb compartments are not heatednot heated

The warmest gloves ever!
Posted by Doug Yonamine from Chicago Area on 12/19/2016

Pros: Keeps my hands warm in single digit and sub-zero degree temps
Cons: None that I can think of.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

I have been searching for gloves that will keep my hands warm on bitter cold (single digit to sub-zero degree weather) long runs and could not find anything....until now! These HXT Marathon Mittens kept my hands warm on a 5-mile run in -1 degree temps and a 10 mile run in 4 degree temps. I love them!

Runner's World Gear of The Year Winner for 2016
Posted by Buckmans.com (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 11/15/2016


Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Here is what Runner's World picked as the best feature for this "Gear of the Year" Winner: "Reheatable packets in the body and fingers keep you warm in freezing temps."