HXT Mittens: Not just for skiers!

As skiers and snowboarders, we have a lot of experience in keeping warm in the winter. Being cold, especially suffering from cold hands, can ruin an otherwise great day outdoors. No one likes Cold Hands!

But there are millions of people, not just skiers, that suffer from cold hands on a day in and day out basis. If you have Diabetes, Arthritis, and Raynaud's Disease (Syndrome) you know exactly what we are talking about. People with these conditions live with the discomfort of cold hands and have tried every solution to the question "How do I keep my hands warm?".

At Buckman's Ski and Snowboard shops, we carry a large variety of winter gloves, winter mittens, glove liners and hand warmers. But one cold hand solution has caught our attention - the HXT Marathon Mittens.

"How can I keep my hands Warm?"

The HXT Mittens come with reuseable heat packs. All you have to do is put the mittens right into the microwave, and in a short time you are enjoying up to three hours of warm, heated gloves. There are different chambers in the HXT that let you move the heat packs around for targeted warmth right where you need it on the fingers and the back of the hands.

The HXT Gloves also have all the standard features you wold expect in a warm winter glove like reflective panels (great for runners), nose wipe, velcro closure straps, extended fleece cuffs and Thinslate Platinum Insulation.

This mitten has been recognized by the Raynaud's Association and was awarded the Runner's World "Gear of the Year" Award and the Men's Journal MVP Award.

With the HXT Marathon Mittens, you can now enjoy warm hands on the slopes, while walking the dog, shoveling snow, or any time you are suffering from cold hands and are searching for a solution for cold hands.