Thule SnowPack

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Size:  4 Pair (7324)

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Item#: THU-SNOWPACK, Mfg#: 7324 (4 Pair), 7326 (6 Pair)  

Thule SnowPack

The incredible, versatile design of Thule’s SnowPack car-top carrier is about to become your favorite and most trusted winter weather accessory. The sleek and aerodynamic ski and snowboard carrier easily and safely transports your winter weather equipment. Explore our selection of Thule SnowPack car rack systems and several sizing options — a 4-pair option (#7324) to carry up to two pairs of skis and two snowboards and a 6-pair (#7326) option capable of carrying six skis and four snowboards — to best accommodate your needs and long-term expectations.

Each Thule SnowPack ski and snowboard carrier features a clean, streamlined design that fits most vehicle brands and models without negatively impacting the overall look of your car. With a Thule SnowPack car rack system, you’re assured improved, modern manufacturing and tools specially crafted for improved storage and long-lasting durability. Features include:

+ Corrosion-resistant and strong aluminum arms

+ Soft and resilient rubber arms for added equipment protection

+ Large push button latches that easily open even when you’re wearing gloves

+ An innovative vertical spring system that easily adjusts to accommodate any ski or snowboard thickness

+ One-Key systems that lock the SnowPack to your crossbars as well as skis and boards to the rack system

+ T-Slot hardware included for Thule Aeroblade bars, Edge bars and other crossbar products

+ Ability to mount to most crossbar systems from Thule and other popular brands like Yakima, Whisbar, Inno and Prorack

Gender Unisex

Designed for All

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Posted by Nancy (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/10/2019

Pros: Great for boards and skis
Cons: does not hold boots

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Sick of putting your board and skiis in your car? Then this is what you are looking for! No more putting wet skis in your car. They mount easily and are very sturdy. We fit 4 pairs of skis easily.

Posted by Mason Kooker (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/30/2018

Pros: Everything
Cons: None

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Great quality, had them for 5 years.

Thule SnowPack
Posted by Brady Seal (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/15/2018

Pros: easy mount and dismount, locking
Cons: none

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Great roof rack to use. Personally use on my car and is extremely easy to use, and lock equipment.

Thule Snowpack
Posted by Paal (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/23/2017

Pros: Easy to use, setup, and lock

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I love the Thule Snowpack. It's easy to setup, and use. Great for bringing boards or skis up to the mountain when you don't have enough room in the trunk.

Thule SnowPack
Posted by Randy (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/6/2017

Pros: Fits Thule and Most factory racks!
Cons: None that I'm aware of.

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The Thule SnowPack is great to have whenever your travelling with friends and family.Comes with corrosion resistent aluminum and one key lock cylinders.It also fits both skiis and snowboards.

Pack the snow w/ the SnowPack!
Posted by Mary Grace (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/25/2016

Pros: easy mounting, locks, great company

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The SnowPack is great! This is soo easy to assemble, mount and use. Its quick and accessible. I have a smaller car and it can be hard to fit all my friends and our gear in, not to mention it can get pretty dirty too. With this rack I can fit everyone in my car and all our boards/skis on top!