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Item#: SPA-78104, Mfg#: 2139  

DryGuy Travel Dry

Designed with an open frame and custom-fitted aluminum heat sink, the Travel Dry- Portable Boot and Shoe dryer combines the simplicity of convection drying with the convenience of portability.

The Travel Dry is a state-of-the-art, breakthrough in portable convection drying. The open-frame design with the large aluminum heat sink brings new speed and energy efficiency to convection drying. Sandwiching an advanced silicone rubber-coated heating element between two custom-fitted aluminum plates allows the use of increased wattage without the risk of footwear damaging hot spots. The Travel Dry delivers light, portable, efficient drying for a wide variety of footwear, reducing odor and increasing comfort.

Dry time - Approximately 3-6 Hours
Power - 120V AC Household Outlet
Size - 2 units at 2" W x 1.5" D x 6" L
Weight - 7 oz.
Material - High-Quality Thermoset Plastics
Warranty - One Year

• Compact, Portable Light Weight Size
• Packs Easily in Boots or Shoes
• Silently Warms in Minutes and Dries in Hours
• Will Not Damage Footwear, Liner or Foot Bed

Gender Unisex

Designed for All

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Dry Guy Travel Boot Dryer
Posted by Lee (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/31/2017

Pros: Convenience, effective durable, great value!!!

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The key to warm feet on the mountain is keep your boots dry. These boot dryers are very effective. Will easily dry your boots overnight. Durable since they have no moving parts. Also a great value versus other dryers at only $30.00

Posted by Bruce S. (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 11/2/2016

Pros: Inexpensive, quiet, and reliable.
Cons: None that I have experienced.

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Moisture is your enemy. It causes cold feet. This is one of two products that you must own if you want to have warm feet. Each day, these should be put into the shoe of your boots overnight. Next morning, pull them out and your boots should be dry. And, unlike any of the dryers with fans, they don't make any noise an they last forever.