SporTube SERIES THREE - Plastic Snowboard Case

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Item#: HTR-31BRDBLZ, Mfg#: 31BRD, HTR-31BRDBLZ  

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Hard Shell Ski and Boot Plastic Carrying Case

High-density polyethylene shell protects ONE or TWO snowboards with bindings AND boots. This hard shell plastic case for snowboards is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable.

  • offers superior protection over soft bags
  • ergonomic handles
  • multi-purpose strap for hands-free carrying or towing
  • fitted with molded rubber wheels with steel bearings
  • lockable
  • padded at both ends
  • ideal for airline and long-distance travel
  • weight: 14lbs


  • width: 14 1/2"
  • depth: 7 7/8"
  • adjustable in length from 42" to 72" (107-183cm)
Gender Unisex

Designed for All

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TSA stands for Throw Skis Around
Posted by Mako (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 11/3/2020

Pros: security, protection, coverage and adjustability
Cons: does not store away like soft bags

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Your gear is not covered by the airlines in a soft bag. Shove your gear in here and relax on the flight. Lots of volume and protection.

Convenient and Protective!!
Posted by Ernie (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/21/2017

Pros: Easy to use and peace of mind
Cons: None

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You can ship your boards straight to the hotel in this! Adjustable for different size boards. Wheels make it super easy to move around. Durable hard plastic to protect your equipment. Available in orange or black.

Sport Tube Series 3
Posted by Randy (Certified Winter Enthusiast) on 10/5/2017

Pros: Adjustable,padded at both ends and can be locked
Cons: none that I'm aware of

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Ideal for the big trip,the series 3 is strong,durable and long lasting! Fitted with molded rubber wheels.The series 3 can fit a lot of stuff. Protects skiis,poles,boots,snowboards,waterskiis and fishing rods to name a few.Check it,ship it,drive it!